All I Want For Christmas Is…

The childhood gift of my dreams that I never, ever needed.

Christine Ramstad
May 18, 2016 · 2 min read

In December 2005 I found myself lost in a pile of catalogues — carefully circling in permanent marker the items I wanted for Christmas.

As I flipped through the glossy pages of toys and gadgets, something troubled me, a deep longing that I couldn’t replace with items from a catalogue.

I wanted bagpipes.

Everytime I blinked, I saw bagpipes. When I pictured my wedding, I heard bagpipes. When I pictured my funeral, I heard bagpipes. When I pictured what was at the end of the rainbow, I saw bagpipes.

I felt incomplete without a set of red, plaid bagpipes to call my own. Naturally, I expressed my concerns to Santa (my mom).

Fast-forward a few weeks and for some reason my mom actually purchased bagpipes for me.

On Christmas morning, I unwrapped my bagpipes.

The rest is a blank slate because:

1.) I never learned how to play my bagpipes. Dreams die quickly at 10 years old.

2.) I passed out after my first attempt to inflate and produce any sound on my bagpipes. There’s a reason you picture fat, Scottish men playing the ‘pipes and not underweight fifth graders.

Christine Ramstad for Royal Report


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