Barfing for Broadway

Embarrassing moments.

My last meal was a chicken Caesar wrap.

The curtain of Benson Great Hall opened for Bethel’s production of Fiddler on the Roof at 7:30 p.m. At 7:34 p.m., I was dancing around singing “Tradition” and feeling more-than-onstage jitters in my stomach. However, I knew the show must go on.

As I geared up to perform “Tevye’s Dream” as Fruma-Sarah (featured in the photo), I felt my body give up on me. I spent the next moments violently vomiting into the toilet while my pearls dragged along the surface of the toilet water and Yente the Matchmaker held my hair. I wiped barf off my mouth with bits of toilet paper and crouched behind Tevye’s bed. I was wheeled onstage, anxiously awaiting my big number.

In between bits of song, I crouched behind the bed next to a bucket. Once offstage, I laid on the concrete floor in a T-shirt and shorts, sweating and barfing for all my castmates to see. Eventually, I crawled away from the scene (with paper towels stuffed in my pants) to a vehicle, then taken to the emergency room, where I was sedated and treated for E.coli or salmonella or whatever causes someone to poop their pants in public. And if you’re wondering why it came to that, it’s because I put up a really good fight.

Unfortunately, all the world’s a stage.

Christine Ramstad for Royal Report