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Breaky in Kresge

A breakfast event that some enjoyed, though some did not.

Callie Chase
Dec 10, 2018 · 2 min read

By Callie Chase | Reporter

Junior Mary Hitt sat at the free breakfast event in Kresge Courtyard.

“I think there is just an overall vibe of sophomores knowing each other,” she said. “As a junior and only knowing my RA, I just feel a little bit out of place.”

The warm sun is blinding Hitt and her roommates as they eat eggs and sausages on Saturday morning in the courtyard. She resides in Arden Village West, housing designated for sophomores. Unfortunately, her junior standing sets her apart.

Her roommate, Gretta Sheehan, is an RA and is frantically running around making sure coffee cups are filled, donuts are being eaten, and eggs are being cooked. Sheehan stops at Mary’s table.

“I have a couple minutes to take a break. Guys, thanks so much for coming!” Sheehan said.

She appreciated Hitt coming, but did not realize the awkwardness Mary is feeling, sitting at this sophomore event.

Hitt distracted herself by asking a couple women to eat donuts hanging from a tree, a quirky game the RAs must have set up prior to the event starting. Despite Mary feeling out of place, the rest of the event seemed to be running smoothly.

“I would definitely say this was a success.” —Resident Assistant Gretta Sheehan

“I would definitely say this was a success,”Sheehan said.

She had to arrive early to the event, an hour in advance, to prepare and set up. By her positive attitude and suggesting this event happens again next year, she thought it was worth it. This event was a fun place for students from Arden Village and Lissner to enjoy a meal together and enjoy the sunny weather.

Unlike other events planned by Bethel Student Government, this Resident Life group of RA’s and RD’s planned this event only by word of mouth and small messages sent to individual groups. There were not advertisements or posters hanging around school. Sheehan was in charge of spreading the word to her stairwell of residents only. Due to this unique form of advertising, this breakfast attracted many students and was overall a positive experience for most.


Hyperlocal news about Bethel (Minn.) University by journalism students. To contact editors, email or Tweet to @Royal_Report.

Callie Chase

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Hyperlocal news about Bethel (Minn.) University by journalism students. To contact editors, email or Tweet to @Royal_Report.

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