DE-STRESSFLIX: A movie that will suck stress from your life.

Starring: Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James. Directed by Andy Tennant.

Hitch (Smith) and Sara (Mendes) have had a short break in their relationship and Hitch has realized he has been so focused on helping others with their relationships that he has neglected his own. While banging on Sara’s door to try to win her back, Hitch is at a loss for words. He eventually attempts to profess his love for her, but the moment is soon dampened by another man visiting Sara’s house. Feeling defeated, Hitch suppresses his feelings and watches Sara and the other man leave. However, Hitch has an epiphany and realizes he cannot let the love of his life walk out of his life.

Hitch never thought he would fall in love, but something about Sara, the sassy and driven gossip columnist, made him reconsider falling in love.

This movie is great for all ages because it wrestles with phases we all go through when tackling relationships, while adding comic relief throughout. It is great to experience how the serious-yet-comedic journey we call life unfolds on the big screen.

-CeCe Gaines, for the Clarion