Bethel sophomore Christopher Porter sits next to a friend as they talk relax after a hectic week of finals. Chris had his last final today on May 19. “On tuesday, I had three finals. I was so stressed that I played basketball in between them, that really helped me relax,” said Porter | Photo by Natalie Gilmore

Tales from finals: Farewell

As finals week comes to an end, Bethel University students cope with the stress of exams, papers and projects in various ways.

By Natalie Gilmore, Savannah Lasley, and Alyssa Kolb | Royal Report

Bethel University students frantically hustle through the crowded Brushaber Commons as finals week draws to a close. The line for Royal Grounds continues to grow as students rush to spend the remainder of their flex dollars. A soft hum of laptops and the sound of typing fingers fill the room. You can feel the chaos in the air as some students are rushing to finish final assignments and others sit calm in their comfy chairs scrolling away at their iPhones, every student copes with the feeling of stress in different ways.

Sophomore Chris Porter relaxes in the BC after finishing a hectic week of final exams. He plans to celebrate the completion of his sophomore year by a game of beach volleyball. Basketball and late-night DC helped Porter and many other Bethel University students tackle a week packed with projects and exams.

“On Tuesday I had three finals,” Chris Porter said. “I was so stressed that I played basketball in between them. That really helped me relax.”

Whether you have one final or five papers due, stress is inevitable. From cinnamon rolls served by BU President Jay and Barb Barnes to Netflix, students cope with the stress of finals week in various ways. Bethel offers a variety opportunities for students to take study break and relax. Therapy dogs, petting zoos and late-night in the Dining Center are just a few of the options students can choose from.

“I definitely ate a lot. I was at late night from when it opened to when it closed every night.” –Paul Yaeger, senior

Many students find eating relaxing during this intense time. Pizza, brownies, omelets and cinnamon rolls from the Dining Center are popular among Bethel students. Some turn to snacking to motivate them through their assignments.

“I definitely ate a lot,” Bethel senior Paul Yaeger said. “I was at late night from when it opened to when it closed every night.”

Whether food, exercise or friends, students turn to different things to alleviate finals week anxiety. With only one day left in the semester, students are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Bethel Seniors Renee Johnson and Paul Yaeger study together in the Brushabar Commons on May 19. These two are catching up after a crazy week of finals. “ I went to the beach on monday. Late Night DC was helpful because I was able to see and study with my friends. I also made and ate a lot of popcorn,” said Johnson. | Photo by Natalie Gilmore
Lissa Tin studys quietly by herself on May 19. Tin is prepares to write a final paper for her class called, intro to reconciliation. “ I try to read books as much as possible to cope with the stress of finals. I also like to take walks and spend as much time as I can by myself,” said Tin. | Photo by Natalie Gilmore

Quote Collection

“I don’t feel too stressed about finals week, all of my tests and papers were pretty much due the week before finals week and I just don’t feel like I prepare that much. In terms of coping with stress I just need to break it up and balance my time with other things” - Senior Jonah Vegas

“My finals week has been good, I like to just listen to music and avoid people and be outside and talk to God a lot” -Freshman Anika Hovey

“I think finals week is going pretty well, I manage my time pretty well. When I do feel stressed out I just like to spend time with friends” -Freshman Katrina Hansen

“Finals week has been going really well, when I get stressed out I like to just watch TV and just throw things at people” -Sophomore Ben Shiffer

“It’s been going well, any stress that I’m dealing with I like to just play a round of” -Sophomore Erik Schultz

“It’s been good, it hasn’t been too hard, I’ve had 3 tests this week and they all went pretty well. I like to sleep when I’m stressed” -Sophomore Josie Gapinksi

Bio Box

Chris Porter

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Physical wellness and health education

Relieve stress this week: Played basketball

Renee Johnson

Grade: Senior

Major: biokinetics

Relieve stress this week: Beach, late night DC, eat popcorn, naps

Paul Yaeger

Grade: Senior

Major: Biology

Relieve stress this week: eat, late night DC, spikeball, lifted

Lissa Tin

Grade: Freshman

Major: Missional ministries

Relieve stress this week: read, walk, alone time


Favorite food from late night DC this week

Pizza: 7

Breakfast foods (french toast sticks, omelette’s): 11

Cinnamon rolls: 12