Baristas are scrambling to keep up with the drink tickets that are flying in. Students buy regular coffee and specialty lattes to get through finals. | Photo by Karina Ritzman

Jumping the fence to spend flex

Students struggle to spend flex during the final week of classes.

By Madeline Koengeter, Madison Pawlyshyn and Karina Ritzman | Royal Report

Receipts flew out of the cash registers, the coffee brewed to its max and the students scurried in and out of the line like a bundle of kids getting ready to board the biggest roller coaster.

However, this was no rush to the roller coaster. This was a rush to get rid of flex during the busiest week of the year — finals week. Finals week at Bethel means students are running on lack of sleep, putting in hours of studying and filled with anticipation to get home for Christmas.

Royal Grounds is the place to be during finals. It’s where students have a chance to get rejuvenated with caffeine — or not, if they’re out of flex.

Students might buy a drink for a friend or even Christmas gifts with their extra dollars.

“I’m trying to buy things for people that they would use,” Bethel student Courtney Bostrom said.

Courtney Bostrom buys bags of coffee to give to her friends during finals week. Starting off with $500, she has managed to spend $340 during four days. | Photo by Karina Ritzman

Bostrom began finals week with $500 worth of flex, so she has been scavenging to find freshmen in need of some caffeine and DC free food. She has also been checking off her Christmas shopping list by buying gifts for friends and family ranging from coffee beans to loaves of banana bread.

The people behind the counters have been enjoying the buzz on campus. The feel privileged to encourage students, help them survive the toughest week and wish them a Merry Christmas. They’ve seen it all during the craziness of flex spending.

“I even had people ask me if I wanted to buy anything,” Royal Grounds Cashier Linda Johnson said.

As each day brought more and more business, Thursday has become the most hectic in terms of flex spending. The students take their coffee, presents and maybe a bag full of goodies and hope their flex went to a good cause.