Lissner resident assistants find out who will be their new director

The transition from RD to interim RD.

By Grace Gaffney | Royal Report

Excitement captivated the room with the glass garage door. The room in the loft of Bethel University that held everything from party planning committees to RA meetings. Light from eight different laptops illuminated the faces of the Lissner Resident Assistants. Eyes scanned the bright screens. The continuous typing and keys flying left a soft buzz in the room as the RAs tried to keep up with all the new information about upcoming events and staff changes. The question of who would be taking over as the interim Resident Director was answered. When North Water’s interim Resident Director, Jay Reed’s name was finally said, the RA’s unanimously nodded in agreement that he was the perfect fit.

“If Kristi has her baby on the 27th then there will be a week without an RD, I’ll lead those meetings and then Jay will start early April.” — Mary Richmond, assistant resident director

Assistant Resident Director Mary Richmond announced at the 10:15 a.m. meeting Thursday, March 3rd that Reed would be stepping in as the Lissner interim RD at the beginning of April. The current RD, Kristi Murchie, will take time off to welcome her second child. Even though Murchie’s due date is not until March 27th, leaving sooner is always a possibility.

“If Kristi has her baby on the 27th then there will be a week without an RD,” Richmond said. “I’ll lead those meetings and then Jay will start early April.”

Ideas flew from RA Halle Marr as the rest of the staff members thought of ways to get acquainted with the soon-to-be RD. Most of them already knew Reed, but they were all in agreement that they wanted him to get the full effect of the fun they had together before he started. The idea of boundary waters camping was thrown out and then laughed off. A fun day out or even blindfolding Reed on a tightrope were put on the imaginary list, but nothing was set in stone. Although all of the 2016 Lissner RA’s are disappointed about Murchie not being with them anymore, they are excited for her family’s new addition and equally excited to welcome Reed into their own Lissner family.

The color or pancakes for Flapjack Friday is not an uncommon topic for the members to discuss. Chatter about how well the latest Coffee and Conversation went and how small groups feel like they are getting smaller are just a few of the issues that are covered each week. Although these are closed meetings, the RA’s meet at 10:15 a.m. every Thursday in the garage door room of the Loft and are always open to suggestions on how they can better themselves and their Lissner residents.

Other news:

· All Lissner students must be moved out for Spring Break by noon on Saturday, March 12. Lissner will be closed for break.

· Flapjack Friday will be held in Lissner Friday starting at 7:15 a.m. The theme will be based around St. Patrick’s day.

· The list of Lissner RA’s is confirmed and now open.

· Small groups are still ongoing and available for Lissner residents.