The Johnson Art Gallery displays Westmark Wingards’ work, THE SHAPE OF MEMORY. Westmark Wingard took photos of stone monuments and digitally and physically edited them. | Photos by Elizabeth Grodahl

Art Department finals

Arts students don’t always spend finals week taking exams.

By Elizabeth Grodahl, Maddie Danovsky and Madyson Fortier | Royal Report

Michelle Westmark Wingard walks the halls of the art department as she stares at the pieces she will take down once finals week comes to a close. Her hard work and time has been plastered on the walls for people passing by to admire and learn from. For Wingard, finals week doesn’t start until it ends.

“This year, it will be just me.” Wingard said.

For nearly every art student and professor at Bethel, finals week differs from the rest of the campus. The cramming for tests and 2 a.m. library visits that non-art students face are replaced with late nights in the studio finishing projects. Final exam time-slots are used for cleaning and prepping the studios for a new semester of creating.

Junior art student Hannah Loucks had a very different finals than most of her friends. For her 19th and 20th century European art history class, her final was visiting the Minnesota Institute of Art and writing a paper about the works she had been studying all semester.

“Seeing (the art) in person is a really different experience” Loucks said.