Missional ministries major Alexis Jorgensen cradles her notes for last final with her usual joyful grin. “I’m so pumped to fly to Honolulu,” Gorgenson smiles.| Photo by Tegan LaBerge

Tales from finals: Nannying abroad

Junior Alexis Jorgenson prepares to care for niece in Hawaii

By Emily Forster, Tegan LaBerge and Miranda Weippert| Royal Report

It’s a sunny Thursday afternoon and Alexis Jorgenson anxiously studies for her last final at Bethel University. In just six days she will be departing from the Minneapolis airport and arriving in Honolulu, Hawaii. While many students spend their summer interning, working, enjoying their time being home, or just plain relaxing — Jorgenson will be living with her sister, Brooke, and helping her with her 15 month old daughter for the summer — her niece.

“I love how Alexis gets so excited about things. Like certain kinds of music. And llamas.” — Brandon Sebey, senior

Brooke, 22, enrolled in the Marines over a year ago and got stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii while her husband — enrolled in the Navy — is stationed in Japan. They have been married for more than a year and actually conceived their little girl in Japan. Although married they have never lived together due to being stationed in different locations and haven’t seen each other face to face since Christmas.

Senior Brandon Sebey met Jorgenson two years ago and they’ve been friends every since. “She’s OBSESSED with llamas,” he laughs. | Photo by Tegan LaBerge

“My sister has basically been a single mother for the past 15 months,” Jorgenson said. “I’ve only met my niece for 48 hours of her life and I can’t wait to get to know her more as I nanny her throughout the summer.”

Brandon Sebey, one of Jorgensen’s closest friends, transferred to Bethel at the same time as Jorgensen in the fall of 2014. “I love how Alexis gets so excited about things,” Sebey said. “Like certain kinds of music and llamas.”

“I’ve only met my niece for 48 hours of her life and I can’t wait to get to know her more as I nanny her throughout the summer.”
Jorgensen sips the last of her iced coffee as she waits for her last final. “I can’t wait to see my sister! We haven’t really hung out in three years.” | Photo by Tegan LaBerge