Royal Review: Restaurants

The Nook

By Maddy Simpson | Royal Report

Address: 492 Hamline Avenue S Saint Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 698–4347
Price: $$

Reviewer Maddy Simpson is a freshman journalism major who will spend next semester at New York’s King’s College.

With an unassuming exterior, The Nook sits in the middle of St Paul. Known for both the delicious burgers and for being a local hangout for the Twins’ star Joe Mauer, this burger joint is normally packed. Diners are seated either in the main seating area upstairs or led to a group of tables by the downstairs bar and old-style bowling alley. In the downstairs, the experience is commemorated by signing a dollar and tooth-picking it to the ceiling.

The menu is mainly burgers, varying from classic burgers to the signature Juicy Nookie, a burger that contains a burger patty filled with cheese on the inside. Other variations of the Juicy Nookie are available as well. Though the Nook’s atmosphere is fun and family friendly, the burgers themselves aren’t anything special. Even their Juicy Nookie falls short of excellent, the cheese being a bit too thick as it oozes from the patty. In the end of the day, the Nook will be remembered not by the food, but by the great service and enjoyable experience.

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