Voting for a candidate, not against one

Bethel students hit the polls for their first election.

By Zac Villarreal | Royal Report

Junior Micah Nichols voted in the his first election as an outlier and takes pride in his right to so.

At 7 p.m. Tuesday night, Nichols tried to start his black Chevrolet Camaro, only to find the battery died. After fighting with the vehicle and accepting that he needed to get a move on, Nichols hurriedly ventured to the CLC circle to catch the shuttle over to Valentine elementary school. After missing the initial carpool to the school with his roommates, Nichols had no choice but to take the Bethel shuttle alone.

He arrived to a quiet and tense scene, and was ready to be done this particular presidential election. It was a long election day for Nichols, but the process was relaxed as he hit the ballots. Freshly registered and able to maneuver straight to the booths and casted his vote.

“I was frustrated with hearing about everything. I took it seriously but I started to feel apathetic,” Nichols said.

Nichols never expected for the election to have resulted in the way it did, initially finding it hard to grasp the idea of Donald Trump as a candidate.

“I thought Trump was a joke at first, and that it was really entertaining, I even made jokes, but as he got further I became more concerned of his rise,” Nichols said.

However, Nichols was not sold on the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton either. He credited Clinton as having solid progressive affairs in mind, but affirmed she also had too many cons working against her for his vote.

“I would love to see a woman President, I think that it is long overdue for the U.S,” Nichols said.