A live test of an automized Bounty campaign

What we’ve achieved in 48 hours

Wow, what a weekend it has been! Over the past two days, we launched the Bethereum Bounty program on March 2nd to an overwhelming success. The attention given to our Bounty program’s launch was immense!

Traffic exceeded even our most optimistic expectations. In the past 48 hours, we’ve hit every rate limit on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram. In addition to this, we’ve successfully resisted 1,649 hacking attempts and 21 bot attacks.

The Bethereum bounty program.

Despite the massive traffic, we’re still 100% running smoothly and without any hiccups. Over the last two days, we’ve accomplished the following:

  • + 23,000 Telegram members
  • + 12,000 Twitter followers
  • +400,000 Twitter impressions and top trending posts on all major crypto Twitter hashtags
  • +6,000 Facebook page likes
  • +25,000 Sign ups on our Bounty website
  • +47,000 New visitors to our Website
  • 10 million Bether token bounty pool already reached.

The 10,000,000 Bether tokens have been set aside for the Bounty program are already up for grabs! You can read our rules and guidelines on how to participate in our Bounty here. All tokens will be rewarded based upon the total amount of points you accrue through Bounty-related activities, such as posting on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram. You can view the constantly-updating daily leaderboard on our Bounty website.

All of this has been achieved with zero marketing communication on our side. That’s right, we didn’t invest any money into marketing efforts for our Bounty program. We’ve accomplished what few other Bounty programs have — launching a creatively-made and organic Bounty campaign. Our reward has come in the form of overwhelming interest and a viral campaign that is clearly appreciated by our social media community, as evidenced by these comments below:

Bitcointalk supporter
Facebook page review
Facebook page review
Twitter comment

How did we achieve it? We’re actually happy to share the secret to our success — we abided by the rules and guidelines we have developed earlier, creating a Bounty program that isn’t just a spreadsheet or a Google document.

Our team developed a solution that automatically awards points for promoting Bethereum on social media. The points are counted and used to create a leaderboard. The higher your ranking (the more points you have), the more Bether tokens you will receive once the token sale ends. However, all participants will be rewarded with tokens in exchange for hunting Bounties!

This way, we’ve created a unique competitive model, in our Bounty hunters regularly promote Bethereum until our token sale ends.

We are humbled by the support we received from our community. It’s been a major ride and we’re now looking forward to a successful token sale. Cheers to all our Bounty hunters and stay tuned for more exciting news about our upcoming token sale!

Pre-sale: https://presale.bethereum.com

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