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Sarah Weiss
Sep 12, 2018 · 9 min read

We hope you will be as excited as we are with what we have achieved since the birth of the idea in March 2017. First thing you need to know is that Bethereum is a decentralised, social-betting platform, combined with unique gaming elements and based on Ethereum technology and Smart Contracts. It allows you to place customizable bets on sports (and later eSports) with your friends, excluding bookmakers and betting agencies from the process.

1. What have we achieved so far?




We consider World Cup Betting Game as one of our greatest achievements, as it showcased how the competitive and fun nature of our future platform, read more here.


We have dedicated a whole section on our medium for conferences and awards, read more here.

Giacomo Tognoni (CEO) pitching Bethereum at d10e Malta.


Join one of them or read more about our international community here.


2. About the Bethereum Platform


If you are interested in the history of betting, read our series of articles here.


The BetherNet protocol is the blockchain-based engine powering our entire solution, including the Bethereum Wallet, our Smart Contracts, and a set of other tools. Read more here.


  1. Gamification: We aim at delivering the most intuitive and innovative betting application in the market, supporting content ranging from sport betting to eSports, fantasy, and even third-party games (e.g., casino). In combination with powerful gamification elements, to deliver players with a truly rewarding experience. For example, we will integrate social chat, achievements and badges, leaderboards, and alliances — and have a number of competitions and events to keep players engaged at all times.
  2. Broad ecosystem: But we’re not limiting ourselves to a “fancy” sportsbook on the blockchain. Our vision is to develop a broad B2C and B2B ecosystem and to establish our Bether token as a global betting standard. For this reason, we are creating a platform catering to the needs of a broad consumer and business base: casual bettors, high rollers, white-label customers, conventional betting operators, third-party game providers, and marketing affiliates — all fueled by our ERC20 Bether token and running on our BetherNet betting protocol.

Find out more about our competitive advantage here.



Players will be charged 3.75% of all winnings in order to cover the cost of third-party services (e.g., Smart Contracts, data feeds, statistics). Smart Contracts will automatically burn 10% of this commission. This will result in a decrease of the token supply, driving up the value of the Bether token.


  • Fees and commissions from the Bethereum platform (e.g. sponsored groups and bets, inapp purchases for special services, High Roller Club).
  • Commissions from partners adopting the Bethereum Core Framework fees for white-label solutions.
  • Revenue share from third-party developers. We will generate returns not only from the Bethereum platform, but also from the underlying technology. This ample revenue stream diversification is not only likely to result in better financial performance, but also bears lower operational risk.

We go in more detail in the following articles: Whitelabels and affiliates and Business model.

3. What are we currently working on?

The past week in Bethereum was all about details. The team has been working indefatigably to improve the platform, changing and adding to make sure the players get the best UI/UX.

We have a lot more we are about to bring you, but can share with you how pleased we are with the success of the competition, with already more than 100K bets placed in less than two weeks! We’ve been listening to suggestions and comments from the community, and are happy to tell you that some significant improvements have been already implemented with the release of the new Version 0.12 of the platform.

Among other features, you can already enjoy a detailed bet result card added to My Bets section, various Bet Slip improvements and fixes, a better chat user experience, clearer live match indicator, and much more. You are welcome to read the detailed release notes here. The team would love to hear your suggestions for more features and matches, send them to us here.

After the successful launch of Version 0.12 it’s full-steam-ahead with the mobile version. Soon we will announce the release date, and everyone will be able to bet anytime, anywhere!

Last but not least, we’re about to be featured in a major cryptocurrency influencers livestream! SkrillaKing brings the latest news on crypto and blockchain projects to more than 25-thousand people. Skrilla and his community is coming live to our Betting platform on Tuesday. Make sure you tune-in on November 6th, 5 PM GMT +1.

We hope this sums everything up! Here on our Medium Publication we frequently post different articles, not only about the project itself, but topics that are closely related to everything we do. You can find pieces about crypto, blockchain, history, betting, industry, business, marketing, and many more. Transparency is one of our core values, that is why you can expect nothing but honesty across all of our channels!

If you have any more questions, you are more than welcome to join us in out TELEGRAM GROUP and ask anything.

If you would like to find our more about the project, here is our whitepaper.

Also, if you want to stay updated about our day-to-day progress, join us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, REDDIT, YOUTUBE, and our NEWSLETTER.

Your Bethereum Team
Because life is a game


Bethereum is a decentralised, social-betting platform based on Ethereum technology and Smart Contracts. Unique social and gamification elements deliver the most engaging and secure betting platform on the market.

Sarah Weiss

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Bethereum is a decentralised, social-betting platform based on Ethereum technology and Smart Contracts. Unique social and gamification elements deliver the most engaging and secure betting platform on the market.

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