League of Legends Worlds 2018 Of Upsets

North America is no longer a meme

After a surprising group stage round everybody thought ‘ok, this is where things start to get serious, no more shenanigans in World championship’. Little did we know that western teams were so well prepared to fight for a spot in semifinals.

If somebody would’ve told me a few years ago that in League of Legends World championship semifinals we will have two European teams, one from North America and one from China, I would’ve called you at least crazy. After Worlds 2018 quarterfinals, for the first time in seven years, there is no Korean team left.

By making history, North America’s team Cloud9, secured a semifinal spot beating their quarterfinals curse. Taking Afreeca Freecs down 3–0 proved that NA is finally ready to compete for the champions title and now are even favorited to maybe win the whole thing. Living it up to cinderella’s story NA hope went from 10th place in NA LCS to playoffs, to regional gauntlet, to play-ins stage, to group of death alongside Gen. G and RNG, overcame it all and beaten one of the last Korean teams in quarterfinals.

C9 vs AFs highlights:

When everybody thought that G2 worlds journey is over they beg to differ. After a long 5 game series against tournaments favorites and MSI 2018 winners Royal Never Give Up G2 Esports marched out victorious. Surprising the hell out of everybody Chinese first seed fell to Europe’s third seed and left a mystery in the championship since there is no longer a single team which was thought to be favorites. Quite similarly like Cloud9, G2 Esports had a year of redemption as well. Losing to Fnatic in EU LCS Spring split finals and finishing 5–6th in the Summer split finals G2 knew they couldn’t let go of all their dynasty. After winning a regional gauntlet, the play-ins stage, got through the group stage which consisted of Flash Wolves and Afreeca Freecs, defeated worlds strongest team in quarterfinals, G2 Esports certainly have their eyes set on the finals spot.

RNG vs G2 highlights:

Korea’s first seed KT Rolster, who looked so dominant in the group stage finishing 5–1 and were predicted finalists of the championship could not keep it up with China’s second seed Invictus Gaming. After losing to Fnatic 1–2 IG had to mentally reset themselves and prepare to face a giant. Considered to be the best mid laner in the world, Rookie stood tall and led his team to a victory after 5 game series finishing 3–2. This was the last Korean team in quarterfinals and they were eliminated. For the first time a while there will be no Koreans in worlds finals.

KT vs IG highlights:

Last but certainly not least, the last quarterfinal match between Fnatic and EDward Gaming was not a disappointment. Although it had only 4 of the best of 5 matches it was a great display of what teamwork means in this kind of a game. Losing the first match of the series Fnatic were only warming up. Taking down their enemies 3–1 FNC stroke fear into their opponents showing how teamfights should be done. Despite the fact that Fnatic’s mid laner Caps was not having his greatest series Rekkles stepped in to remind why he is still to be feared. Fnatic finally secures a semifinals spot since 2015.

FNC vs EDG highlights:

So this is a fantastic sight to see for the European and American fans cause there is guaranteed a western team in League of Legends World championship 2018 as Fnatic will be facing Cloud9 in the first semifinals match, and G2 Esports will test their skills against Invictus Gaming.

Semifinals will take place on 27th and 28th of October.

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