BetKing ICO Launched — $2 million raised so far!

The BetKing ICO is now live and has already raised over $2 million!

There’s been 449 Bitcoin, 1625 Ethereum and 51 Litecoin used to purchase BetKing Bankroll Tokens.

During the 1st week buyers will be eligible for a 15% discount on tokens purchased. Previous BetKing investors of the old site are entitled to an extra 5% discount when they buy during the main sale.

The ICO ends on September 4th and there is no hard cap on the amount that can be raised.

You can find out more details of the ICO and BetKing Bankroll Tokens at

How to purchase

To take part in the ICO visit and create a new account.

When you login you will see a list of currencies with deposit buttons next to each.

Click the deposit button of the currency you wish to use and you will be given a unique address. You will see your transaction in your account page after it has 1 confirmation on the blockchain.

Note, if you don’t see a list of currencies try disabling adBlock or NoScript plugins in your browser.