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guillaume palayer
Aug 7 · 2 min read

We periodically update Betoken in order to deliver new features and to repair defects discovered in previous versions.

You’ll find below the last changelog:

  • Changed the way we get data off Ethereum by creating our Subgraph with The Graph Protocol, a decentralized ecosystem with a powerful API that loads Betoken lightning fast. We estimate the frontend load time is reduced of ~91%.
  • Changed the way we fetch assets’ price. Right now, the prices will be fetched directly from the Subgraph, which is updated every 20 blocks.
  • Added daily granularity to Betoken’s AUM and BTKS price charts.
  • Added Asset buy price in the selling panel.
  • Added Bitcoin and Ethereum return to the user’s dashboard.
  • Added the fund’s statistics on
  • Fixed issue when a manager redeem his commission in BTKS. The commission was sent in DAI.
  • Fixed issue regarding the refresh data feature.
  • Fixed issue with managers’ ROI showing weird % during intermission phase if they didn’t sell all their KRO.
  • Replaced the Sortino ratio with Max. drawdown.
  • Migrated landing page on an Angular JS environment.
  • Other small changes and improvements.


We found 2 minor security vulnerabilities in Betoken’s smart contracts:

  • When calculating the sell price of Fulcrum position tokens, the number of decimals used by the token is not correctly used, causing a temporary inability to sell short WBTC positions. This has been fixed by a recent Fulcrum update that changed the precision of short WBTC pTokens to 18 decimals.
  • During the Intermission phase, because the payment from new managers is forwarded to our multisig wallet, it is possible for us to create new manager accounts at basically no cost. We will fix this by restricting manager onboarding to the Manage phase, and the fix will be part of the planned smart contract upgrade in late October.

We ♥️ feedback.

PS: we’re looking for translators willing to help us internationalize Betoken dApp, our docs and our landing page. Contact us on Telegram if you want to help.

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Crowd-powered crypto assets management protocol connecting capital 💰 w/ talent 🧙‍♂️🧠🤓 & vice versa. 🇺🇸 🇯🇵

guillaume palayer

Written by

Co-founder @betokenfund. Product, design, and coding. Token economy & foodtech explorer. Cofounding team & Play w/ @MagDuWebdesign.



Crowd-powered crypto assets management protocol connecting capital 💰 w/ talent 🧙‍♂️🧠🤓 & vice versa. 🇺🇸 🇯🇵

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