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The DayFlash App Is Aiming To Change The Game For Creators In Social Media

If you are a creator like me, you are probably extremely frustrated by Instagram. The algorithm is consistently changing every single day. This makes it harder for a small creator to have the same opportunities as the bigger creators. Instagram purposely changed the algorithm so creators pay money to have their own followers see them. Every creator deserves to have an equal opportunity to have their work seen and that is why the Dayflash App was created.

Back in early 2019, I received an email from the co-founder inviting me to be one of the first creators on the App before it was launched. I didn’t see why not so I downloaded the app from the link they provided me. I started to upload a bunch of photos that I’ve had from previous photoshoots. I started to gain followers very fast.

One unique thing about Dayflash over Instagram is that when you upload a photo it gets sent out to an audience for 24 hours for exposure. This is why they call it “day” flash. This is what equal opportunity is.

Did I mention that the content on this App is phenomenal? All the photos are extremely professional and creative. It is very appealing to the human eye.

Unlike Instagram and every social media app you can think of, Dayflash doesn’t have a scrolling feature. You swipe through all of the photos which makes it a better and more high deft viewing experience.

Dayflash created a “collaboration feature” that makes it easier for other accounts to work together. As a creator, you list what types of collaborations you are interested in. If someone wants to collaborate with you, they would click the heart next to the item on the list. This encourages collaborations on the app which helps you grow as a creator.

Although you can use hashtags on photos in Dayflash, they don’t encourage it. The reason for that is that there is a section in your profile where you can put hashtags that describe your account. This relieves the whole hashtag stress.

You are probably reading this and thinking that Dayflash is anti-Instagram, but they actually aren’t. They encourage you to put your Instagram handle in your bio.

If you think about it — this would help you drive traffic to your Instagram page.

Another feature that makes Dayflash different from Instagram is that it will offer a monetization program soon to have the opportunity for creators to create passive income from their work.

Dayflash is not only a new social media app, but it’s also a movement for change against the unfair algorithm on Instagram.




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