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Dear Anti-Mask People…

Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response on Unsplash

The anger you have towards this piece of cloth that nurses and doctors have been wearing for years seems to be a bother to you. I know — it is such an inconvenience to wear one right? I mean, you didn’t sign up to be a doctor or nurse so why should you have to wear it? Let me explain.

COVID 19 is killing thousands of people quickly. The majority of the people have compromised immune systems and are elderly, but some people who are said to not have compromising immune systems are dying as well. The scary thing is that we don’t know until they get the virus. So many people live without even knowing that they have an underlying medical condition. The only time someone finds out is when something triggers it. The virus can very well be that trigger.

Chances are, you probably are lucky enough to not know someone personally who has had the virus and you are even luckier that no one close to you passed away from this horrible virus.

I mean if it doesn’t affect you, who cares right?

Absolutely not.

We forget that we all live in the same home — that home being planet earth. We are all in the same community where we need to work together to get through these tough times. This isn’t about you. You aren’t the only one who wants to live. You are not the only one who wants the world to go back to normal.

You say you can’t breathe in a mask, but imagine the sick who need to be hooked up to a ventilator? They can’t breathe. Their lungs are dying because you can’t wear a mask for them.

You feel like you don’t have to because you don’t know them

You say all lives matter, but do they really matter if you are choosing your convenience over other human lives?

Imagine how uncomfortable and painful your life would be if by you choosing to not wear a mask killed someone. Just put that into perspective.

Imagine you are still waiting for your soulmate, but they never came to you because the anti-mask people killed them?

You are using religion as an excuse for your own personal gain. God gave us our respiratory system, but God also gave us a brain for wisdom and judgment.

Let’s talk about how you’re a trump supporter and how you want to build a wall because immigrants are living in the U.S illegally. They are breaking the rules of the government so you want to get rid of them right? Aren’t you breaking the rules too? You’re going against our government orders just like the other criminals. This is a new way of breaking the law. You may not know how to process new history because your knowledge is still old school, but wake up. This isn’t about you. The only way for the spread of COVID to go away is to wear a mask.

The rest of the world seems to have it all under control. Why can’t we? When are you going to realize that we all want the same thing? We want freedom and good health. We need to fight this by wearing a mask, practice social distancing, washing our hands, and avoid touching our face. We fought for our freedom as a country before by going to war. Why can’t we fight for our freedom by wearing a freaking mask? Stop thinking that the government is using this mandatory mask policy as a way of controlling us. It’s not. They are trying to stop the spread so the human race doesn’t go extinct.

You may be used to not caring for anyone but yourself, but this is the time that we need to care for everyone. All our lives matter.




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