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Modern Day Addictions You Oughta Know About

And ideas on how to get over them.

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Thinking about money

Money is a metric invented to measure wealth but it is not wealth itself — Alan Watts

  • Journaling — having a daily activity to reflect on my life really helps to align my priorities(most of the time it’s not about money);
  • Reminding yourself about your mortality — there are some benefits to remembering that you might die anytime. One of them is to not worry about money all the time;
  • Get a hobby — You probably forgot the feeling of doing something just because you enjoy it. Try it.

Coffee please

Coffee is the best way to start, recharge, and end the day — typical coffee lover

  • Reduce the frequency to maybe a cup a day or once every other day;
  • Have a coffee detox weekend and keep your weekday coffee fixes;
  • Satisfy your cravings with decaf coffee, tea, protein shakes (anything that’s healthier);

Self-help content

  • Pick up the guitar and practice the song you suck at;
  • Struggle with putting another word on Medium;
  • Get your ass kicked by that 30-day workout;

Buying shit you don’t need

  • Got a car? Time for a faster and flashier one to impress neighbors that you don’t even know!
  • Have a house? Upsize it for 4 extra guest rooms that you’ll never use!
  • Don’t have money? We have a payment plan so you can enslave yourself for the next 12 months!

We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like — Dave Ramsey

  • Study about personal finance and capitalism— most books or podcast about personal finance talks about identifying your priorities. This gives you a baseline to think about your spending behavior. Google “Dave Ramsey”, that’s a good start;
  • Get to know minimalism — Don’t worry, you’re not going to be throwing out any furniture. The main thing is to understand the core concept of minimalism, which is living an intentional life;

Social Media

  • Have a social media detox weekend or month, pick what suits you;
  • Delete social media from your phone, you’d probably do fine without it;
  • Leave your phone in another room when you’re trying to do work;

In Summary



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