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This Chinese Philosophy Will Teach You How To Live An Effortless Life

And here are 4 ways to get started.

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Get to know yourself

  • What are your likes and dislikes?
  • What time of the day do you function the best?
  • Do you prefer working with people or working alone?
  • Journalling;
  • Meditating;
  • Try things you have never done before;
  • Asking for feedback;
  • Seek professional help;

Knowledge is power

Trying hard at the right time

Use your environment

  • You’re more relaxed when the house has yellow lighting;
  • You feel hungry when you smell something nice;
  • You get pumped when you hear upbeat music;

In Summary

  • Get to know yourself;
  • Knowledge is power;
  • Trying hard at the right time;
  • Use your environment;



Opinions about life, self-Improvement, personal growth and valuable life lessons. Humans need motivational spark and illumination to strength moral ascent. For that you need better advice.

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