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Your Brain Is Your Treasure

Photo by Tayla Jeffs on Unsplash

When you think of treasure, what comes to mind? A treasure chest? Diamonds? Money? All of these things bring wealth and fortune. We are taught that money equals wealth and wealth equals happiness. So, if we work harder on becoming rich then we will be happy right? No.

We are all gifted with a treasure chest and that my friend is upstairs. Our brain is the powerhouse of the rest of our body. Why do we not value it as much as we should?

The brain is responsible for our motor, emotions, decision making, memories, and so much more. Your brain is responsible for creating whether it be writing a book, video content, fashion, photography — your brain is the reason that it can all be produced. The people who do not realize this allows themself to let their brain rot by watching television and not exercising their brains by reading, writing, and listening to podcasts. I’m not saying to never watch TV, but consuming too much TV can negatively affect your health. We were never taught in school to continue educating ourselves after college. Because of this, people’s knowledge and mental capacity are very limited. The brain has the ability to store millions of gigabytes. That is a huge capacity compared to our iPhones that can store up to 512 gigabytes. That is so much space that can be used to learn and grow.

Photo by Margarida Afonso on Unsplash

Now that we confirmed that our brain plays a huge part in our daily life, let talk about what we can do to take care of it and make the most out of this organ.

Mental Stimulation

Your brain seeks stimulations. It loves it. We can get mental stimulation from social media, reading, music, and watching tv. We choose what to consume to receive that stimulation. Your brain is also consuming data constantly weather it be scrolling on your phone looking at social media, watching Netflix, or just going for a walk. What you consume is what affects your subconscious. Did you wonder why certain images were in the storyline of your dream but didn’t make sense? That is your brain consuming with you not being aware. Whatever your brain takes in with let out through emotions and behavior. For example, everything going on in this world today with the pandemic and racism — has an extremely negative effect on our emotional wellbeing. The pandemic caused our society to react by buying all the toilet paper at the supermarkets and the horrific events of racism caused a riot. We consume then act on emotion.

[Disclaimer: I am not against the protest currently going on in the world right now. I stand with the black community]

Eat Healthy And Work Out

The foods you eat are so important for both your physical and mental health. Eating processed foods often can create fog and fatigue in your brain. Some recommended foods for the brain are berries, salmon, leafy greens, tea, and coffee. Personally, I do my best work when I have a cup of coffee next to me while listening to the “focus” playlist on Spotify.

Working out plays a huge role in your mental health. Cardio releases endorphins that give you that joyful high. The results of working out benefits your emotional wellbeing and self-worth.

Build Your Social Network

They say that the main five people who are in your circle is a representation of who you are. Choose them wisely. The more valuable people you associate yourself with, the more your brain is going to grow. You would be amazed at the amount of new knowledge you can receive just by meeting and learning from people from all over the world. This is why traveling can be addictive to some people. Traveling allows learning about the world, but also about the people. It is so rewarding. We were always taught to “don’t talk to strangers” which makes sense when we are children, but don’t let that follow you down the road.

Talk to strangers. They can play a huge role in your growth.

Many humans take the brain for granted. The brain offers so much more than to just walk, talk, and eat. Keep learning so you can avoid being a robot in society. Being open-minded and having a purpose is what real happiness is.

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