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Your Life Is A Chinese Dish

How a Chinese takeout inspired me about having a “rich” life.

Image from Rasa Malaysia
  • Spiciness from dried chilies and ginger;
  • The slight bitterness from the dark soy sauce;
  • Saltiness from soy sauce;
  • Sweetness from sugar;
  • Numbness from Sichuan peppercorns;
  • Aroma from Chinese Shaoxing rice wine;
  • Sugar helps tone down the bitterness of the dark soy sauce and spiciness of the dry chilies;
  • The Chinese Shaoxing rice wine boosts the flavor of meat;
  • Sichuan peppercorn is a great compliment to the aftertaste of spiciness (DO NOT eat it on its own, it’s weird!);

A new type of phobia

  • The fear of spiders — Arachnophobia;
  • The fear of confined spaces — claustrophobia;
  • The fear of water — Hydrophobia;

Be grateful for the tough times

  • Being content is feeling grateful even if the times are tough;
  • Being complacent is refusing to grow up because it’s tough;

Tough times is the secret sauce



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