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When — as coaches — you think about getting a new client, do you feel optimistic about the process? Are you comfortable approaching new people? Do you feel excited about helping them identify what it is that they’d like to work on with you? Are you able to coach them whilst helping them discover that they might like to appoint you as a coach? Do you feel you are “doing you”?

As a coach, you have the skills — the questions, invitations, play tools — to help an individual understand why they need you. This is not to say that you should manipulate them into buying your services. It’s an invitation to proudly show up to a conversation about your services, prices, timelines, process and the possible outcome that a client might get, thanks to working with you. It’s an invitation to enjoy it, and to give yourself permission also to be discerning — to remember your own values, limits, wishes and what makes YOU comfortable.

When we do marketing, we are helping people reach clarity, find comfort, let go, make decisions and feel heard, seen and supported. We are doing what coaches do. AND we can do good for ourselves.

We talked to Matthew Bellringer on our Marketing Masterclass about “sales conversations” (what a yucky phrase!) and many other facets of marketing that can most helpfully been seen to be an opportunity for play and growth for coaches.

Focussing on the satisfaction and value of finding the right people to work with is at the core of the Better Bolder Braver ethos.

Whilst our name to some may sound like we believe in punchy, formulaic and bullsy marketing… to those with whom our message resonates — who get to know us in our community, follow what we say and see what we do…


… refers to the feels you can get when your marketing is conscious, intentional, true to you and not what someone else says you should be doing.


…refers to the clarity, the pride and the impact that your message can have when you are telling your own story — not as a hero but as a guide — so as to help others see why you are best placed to help them move forward.


… is what you get when you are surrounded with like-minded coaches on a similar path to you…

  • not wanting to “10 x their income”
  • confident to charge round numbers rather than sell sessions or courses at prices that end in 7s or 9s #charmpricing
  • fuelled by working together and not in competition with each other
  • facilitating each others growth
  • helping each other feel seen
  • bringing a bit of levity and humour to it all
  • knowing they can ask for help and happy to help others put themselves out there.

As Matthew says, as coaches “we do not want to work with everyone. We want to figure out the smallest number of people to work with.” This is so that we can build sustainable, nourishing businesses that remind us every day why we went into this, teach us about ourselves, expand us but don’t overwhelm us and help others do the same.

The best part of joining a community is seeing other people doing things their way, but being able to learn from them. Working alongside each other. Watching each other grow and ourselves grow.

We love our community members. They make us feel seen, heard, appreciated and as though the work we are doing is valuable. A gift. No one vomited sales pitches at them. No one paid them for testimonials. No one told them it was going to be easy, that they’d make millions or that they’d have 100 clients by next Tuesday. We are just telling them to do what feels good, watch and learn, have fun and get clear on their needs. It seems to be working.

If this resonates with you, come and enjoy a look around our community, get to know Simon Batchelar and me, other lovely coaches working through on and via marketing, get to know yourself and find the clients that will make you happy.

Post Script

I want to nod to my friend and Better Bolder Braver community member, Charles Davies with whom I had a good conversation today about our name. Charles specialises in making things special and Clarity, and helps others to make special things and to see clearly too. Check out a Marketing Masterclass he joined us for here and more about his work here.

Massive thanks to Matthew Bellringer for his time, wisdom and for continually inspiring me and many of our friends in the The Happy Startup School.




Our Community empowers coaches to become Better, Bolder and Braver

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Frances Khalastchi

Frances Khalastchi

Co-Founder at Better Bolder Braver — Marketing training and support that empowers coaches.

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