How to use Medium to stand out as a Coach

A nice way to create a “newsletter” is to use Medium and then invite people to follow you.

When you publish a story on Medium, anyone who subscribes to your personal profile will receive an email… like this…

You can reach many people’s inboxes via Medium if they subscribe to hear from you with every story you publish…

Laurence McCahill is a prolific Medium author and his following reflects this

You can also create and invite people to subscribe to a “company” publication, such as our Better Bolder Braver one:

I personally really like the old publication design.

There is another publication design in beta, though, which you might prefer.

You can also create Reading Lists — for yourself and to share with others.

What’s your “schtick” and how can you stand out as a coach as an aggregator of other people’s stuff about that topic? How can you become to go-to coach about a particular subject… and not just because of what you say about it but how you are aware of wider discussion around it and how you cheerlead others talking about it.

There’s a helpful How To page on Medium if you are new to it and would like to get started, update your profile or geek out on its features.

If you’d like any support with, or have any other tips about, Medium… let me know!



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