As coaches, YOU are the influencers. And it’s time to think twice about how you are spending you time…

Simon Batchelar and my hero is a chap called Seth Godin. In the marketing world, he is a visionary leader and has himself significantly influenced how Simon and I practice and teach marketing, and talk about the relationship that one can have with it.

Inspiringly, Godin has written a blog post a day for I think about 10 years. Today’s is all about being Busy and Reliable.

It reminds us that being reliable doesn’t have to mean saying yes to everything. And that - in fact - if we do, we are at risk of burning out and also burning our reputations.

If you say yes to Simon and my new marketing community for coaches, we will teach you to how to say no more often. We will teach you how to get to a place where you “take a gig” not because you are struggling or feel you ought, but because it makes sense for you.

It’s hard at first, particularly since our self-conception might have been built around independence and invulnerability. But being reliable doesn’t mean being perfect. It means being clear.

Join our community of coaches to get clearer — to yourself… about what you really need, how to communicate it, edit output and also input so that your coaching practice is the most reliable source of inspiration and influence for others, but also something on which you can rely to serve you for the long-term.




Our Community empowers coaches to become Better, Bolder and Braver

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Frances Khalastchi

Frances Khalastchi

Co-Founder at Better Bolder Braver — Marketing training and support that empowers coaches.

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