Leading Communication with Ellie Lloyd Jones

Ellie coaches new leaders. That’s leaders who are new to their role. Or perhaps they are new to an approach or an experience, or a vision? Ellie is more than qualified to help them all…

Ellie herself has significant experience in leading people. She also has three kids. And a part time job. She leads the way for many people in how to balance what I like to call “work-work” balance — a very real experience for many coaches who are new to setting up a coaching business — or who have been established for years — AND have to work another job to pay bills or for mental health / joy / creativity / balance reasons.

Ellie is also a leading example of how to balance the better known “work-life” balance of having a professional career and being parent. She does what we love to encourage our coach members to do — to celebrate how all of the different facets of your life dovetail beautifully and make you stand out, as opposed to being a combination to be ashamed of, shy away from admitting and ambitious to move away from.

For many coaches, it is important always to have other things on the boil — for learning, self-preservation, inspiration and colour.

Ellie is one of our “founding” community members, and one of our most well-loved cheerleaders. Talking to Ellie on our Marketing Masterclass about ‘leading communication’ meant we covered off a lot of ground…

We talked about

  • Love Languages (words of appreciation, acts of service, physical affection, quality time and physical act of giving a gift) and how they can (and can’t!) show up in your marketing, coaching and leadership.
  • … and Networking, and how it works well for Ellie given who she is and what energises her.

Ellie speaks incredibly passionately about how important it is to her for people to feel seen and heard. You can really get a sense of her experience, empathy, authority and drive to help new leaders — a niche that makes perfect sense for Ellie given her experience, interest to help and her ability to support really significant change for people.

She gets a lot of joy from writing her weekly newsletter, which you can sign up to here — both because, as a coach, you may well be a new leader yourself but also as inspiration for how marketing can be another way to process your own thinking and show up with authenticity, transparency and inspiringly to those you want to support.

And you might also like to check out Ellie’s free 5-day video series — Unlocking YOU.

Join Ellie and many other wonderful coaches supporting each other to feel better about marketing and communication in our community, Better Bolder Braver.



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Frances Khalastchi

Frances Khalastchi


Co-Founder at Better Bolder Braver — Marketing training and support that empowers coaches.