What I needed

…And came from me and no-one else

A tribute to Alptitude — “the week that dreams are made of”.

I packed my bags and was ready to leave

I started The Journey and was able to breathe

The job at hand was to catch the flight

If I arrived safely, it would All Be Alright

I touched down with hope, excitement and belief

I had left behind pain, the trauma and grief

I suspended my fears, my duties — The Fight

to open my heart and step into the light

To float in the joy of connection and love

I have looked left and right, down below and above

At the people beside me, the ground and the trees

At the mountains, the flowers, felt the sun and the breeze

Much has emerged, without any perfection

In both overt conversation and quiet reflection

The layers of Truth have danced with Performance

The judgement, the pressure that festered — dormant

I’m leaving aware of my Role and Ability

And also with emancipating humility

That, whilst I have agency, It’s not all Down. To. Me.

… I am part of a whole, atomised family


I will always consider what’s Right, and Perception

But now with the comfort of much deep connection.

With deep thanks to Carlos Saba, Laurence McCahill and The Happy Startup School.

Now looking forward to Summercamp, where you can catch Simon Batchelar and me going deep on HOW TO BE BETTER, BOLDER & BRAVER WITH YOUR MARKETING.

If you are on a journey with putting yourself out there, please be in touch.



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