Brand Consistency Examples From Law & Order

The Other day I turned the TV on to an episode of Law & Order SVU and realized something. Law & Order sets the gold standard in branding consistency. When all the things that makeup a brand; copy, color pallet, tone, website design, logo and messaging work together in sync you get Branding consistency.

Everything between the iconic opening chung CHUNG the end credits creates the same unique experience and sets the right tone for viewer to be immersed in the plot. The tone moves the viewer from scene to scene, jumping forward in time with all the importance and weight of a judge’s gavel. This is the goal for brands, Creating a unique identity for yourself and unique experience for the people you do business with.

Brand consistency at its simplest is the nuts and bolts of brand recognition. the hows and whys of a customer that from looking at a specific shade of red immediately thinks Target. you need to be able to tell right away what brand your looking at. When I turn on the TV and see a dark room with heavy blue lighting I know i’m watching Law & Order before I see Christopher Meloni poke his moody buzz cut head in.

I know this because of the very consistent color pallet. All those dark colors and blue tinted lighting. That distinctive lighting and a dark contrast makes even a sunny day seem overcast and almost menacing. Consistency is everything in brand recognition and the importance of the right color pallet is the easiest example of how being consistent creates recognition. Without them showing a single interrogation room, confused killer playing dumb or argument from the defense I know what i’m watching, all because of that blue tint.

This is the goal for all aspects of your brand, before the consumer sees a single slogan, sale price or brand name. I’m already thinking about being at your store, shopping in your store and buying in your store. For a brand, Consistency means you stay on message. If your the gloomy and moody cops of new york don’t try making puns or being zany, leave that to the guys on Psych.

When people turn on L&O they expect a half hour filled with dark crimes plot twists and trouble with the prosecution. Consistency creates the impression of stability and professionalism in shows. This is the same with products and services.

When your branding is done well people begin to associate your product with you. You want your consumers to hear that chung CHUNG whenever they see a Gavel. In most cases your brand is reflected initially in your logo mark, then supported by your messaging.

If you can see the goal and know your own brand identity, creating recognition through consistency is straight forward, all it takes is a couple meetings and a lot of communication between the people doing the branding. That consistency takes you to the next level in marketing. You’re no longer convincing consumers to step into your store or buy your product. Your brand is so synonymous with your product experience that when a consumer sees your brand logo they are already thinking about making their next purchase from you. Leaving you free to sit back and enjoy some SVU reruns.