The Missing Ingredient is Service

Join OX’s Matt Herlihy, Keynote Speaker at Service Design 2019.

Matt Herlihy
Oct 8, 2019 · 2 min read

That crisp autumnal chill has descended upon Chicago at last — and along with all things pumpkin and spice, service design is in the air.

On October 16, I’ll be representing The Office of Experience as a keynote speaker at Service Design 2019, the annual gathering of leaders and professionals in this wide-ranging and ever-intriguing discipline.

As we often tell our clients, building a great product and digital presence is important, but that’s only the beginning. Once a brand makes contact with a human being in the real world, it takes something extra to spark real delight. The missing ingredient is service — and designing it well is a craft unto itself.

Even with an ideal location and flawless cuisine, a restaurant with poor service won’t survive. Similarly, we’ve seen companies with strong brands and products struggle with how they’re delivered. Customers aren’t listened to attentively. They become paralyzed with too much choice, and lose their sense of control. Messages are mixed, and promises broken.

But new strategies are emerging for avoiding such pitfalls. Thoughtful brands are taking a hard look at their service delivery, reframing outdated assumptions and making bold design decisions at key touchpoints. Some inject surprising new elements into their brand experiences; others recommit to timeless fundamentals. The best find elegant ways of combining both.

My talk will break down what it takes to get that moment of interface just right. I’ll dive into OX’s new model for bridging expectation and reality, sharing the approach we’ve been using to design powerful experiences that keep brand and service in harmony.

The right mix of carefully considered service moments — whether subtle or profound, seen or unseen — can bring lasting disruption to any industry. I’ll apply this lens to a few fascinating brands, from theaters to shoes to bicycles, and share the lessons they hold.

We hope you’ll join us.

Matt’s keynote will be delivered at 9:30am on Wednesday, October 16 at the W Chicago City Center. Register here.

Matt Herlihy

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Brand philosopher. Executive Director, Strategy, The Office of Experience. Author, speaker, and instructor.

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