Cities are made up of people, which are formed by city.

Increasing interaction between people to create amazing cities!

Jonatas Eduardo
Mar 29, 2015 · 3 min read


You are what you eat. How many times have you heard this phrase? Surely a few times. But we are still more the result of what we live with people we interact!

Have you noticed that we are our own creation? And that we are still the synthesis of interactions with others during our lives?

The world was once a “peaceful place”, a few things happened around us, and not very rarely the cities had little diversity of events and activities. There was a time that the great events of our society were the Mass, the wedding and the annual feast of the city. So maybe people were so equal, predictable and there was little innovation.

Magic happens outside your comfort zone.

Today this has changed! Today there are so many things happening, so much diversity, courses, movements, lectures, meetings, fairs, meetups … And where do you think people give face to face with the different? Where beyond their means? At home lying on the couch or putting his face in the sun?

People change when they interact with the different. Always interact with the same things and people like the result is always the same!

Much is changing. We have to change almost as utopia, “Oh, one day it will change,” some say. “We want change!” They shout others. Change, change, change. How can we change? Or rather, how can we empower people to raise the couch and leave out there to interact?

Interact is what makes you human.

The social phenomenology is so complex and yet simple look that society and by far we seem to be seeing a test tube with a lot of interacting atoms. The more shocked, the greater the likelihood of new things and to create a harmonious environment.

We have an idea, a project called Villeme that seeks exactly this: to get people to interact more! With others, the city and the neighborhood. To interact more with the help of an application that organizes events and activities for each person depending on their location, personality and friends. Always looking for people to discover new things to leave out there interact.

If people change, cities change. If cities change, people change. Or will say that you have never been at an event that changed your life?

Where you can play basketball near your house? Where has free film screening? Did you know that tomorrow starts a course on al close entrepreneurship and innovation? And the dentist? It has been there this semester? These are questions that the search application to respond.

The Villeme want (will) change your life. You can learn more about the project: But besides knowing more you can help develop it, after all, it is opensource and crowdmake.

Let’s build amazing cities ?!


Better Cities

Ideas, articles and shoot the shit about turn our cities…

Jonatas Eduardo

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Product developer, marketer, creative entrepreneur at, live in Brazil and dreaming to turn better the relation between people and city

Better Cities

Ideas, articles and shoot the shit about turn our cities better.

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