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If Not This, Then That: The beauty of non-attachment

How to use an “unconditional” statement to feel more abundant and free.

Snow on Your Pants

Last winter, I was walking to the gym with a close friend and (at the time) roommate, Francis. As one may glean after reading this essay’s title, the weather was inclement…

Why I forgot your name the moment I met you

And why you should forget mine as well

“I’m really bad with names” is an excuse I’ve used more times than I can…

How I Read 60 Books a Year

I get asked a lot is how I read so many books. Last year I read 60 books and am on pace for about the same this year. I’m not going to win any contests but it’s a…

How I Taught My Mom to Code

So, you want to learn to code. I’m going to share 7 tips today that will help you succeed in learning to code no matter what your background, skills, or…

Better Humans
Better Humans

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