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James Clear, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Atomic Habits, wrote:

“There is nothing magical about time passing in regard to habit formation. It doesn’t matter if it’s been twenty-one days or three hundred days. What matters is the rate at which you perform the behavior. You could do…

Ongoing conversations about older women’s experience of their physical appearance as they grow older

Joanne and Idelisse with face paint
Idelisse (left) and Joanne (right) with face paint.

Another New Year. May sound hackneyed, but at our age “New Years” seem to be racking up at a dizzying speed. For many, it’s a time for resolutions, often having to do with losing weight, exercise, eliminating myriad bad habits, and adopting new healthy ones. For some it extends to…

I’ve learned to tell who will succeed and who will fail by helping people build their dreams via business coaching.

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Allow Me To Tell You the Story of One of My Coaching Clients

Meet “Maria,” my client (name changed based on her request), a small-town girl who grew up with her mother who did housework for the wealthy in a resort town, and a dad who left the family. Maria is a single mom who didn’t finish college and works a minimum wage…

From one aspiring polymath to another.

Photo from when my friend Jen got her black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a few weeks back.

It’s not like I was this catastrophic failure or public embarrassment, but for most of my early life, I lived — as Henry David Thoreau would say — a life of “quiet desperation”.

I always wanted to be “great”, but it seemed like that just wasn’t in the cards for…

For those already thinking of giving up, science — and Benjamin Franklin— say why it’s 100% acceptable

Girl with long brown hair walking down a residential street on a sunny day, looking determined at something off-camera wearing a half-smile. Are you already considering giving up your new year’s resolutions? Maybe it’s not such a bad idea… here’s why — explained by science and Benjamin Franklin. New year’s resolutions, how to keep new year’s resolutions, should I quit?
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I don’t know you but I have a strong feeling you’re probably just like me.

You’re a week into the new year, determined to keep up with the resolution — or 20 — you’ve vowed to undertake for the whole year. Confident. Galvanised. …

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