Do you want to change your life faster? Do you need to make money faster? Of course you do and so do countless others. The words ‘evolve’ and ‘faster’ are almost contradictory by common definition. Though the original meaning of ‘evolve’ means “to open and to unfold”, we often associate evolution as something developing gradually over time. The word ‘faster’ simply implies that “something is happening in comparatively little time”. So when we put these two words in the same sentence we must ask ourselves, “How does a person speed up the gradual process of change?”

This seeming paradox reminds me of the words of Lily Tomlin when she said, “For fast-acting relief try slowing down”. Oftentimes, we are all so busy with obtaining success that we fail to observe our Self and what we really want at our core. Evolution always starts with the essence of who we are — and our essence can be understood in the patterns in our life. Well, that’s enough for now — let’s dive into the 5 steps to evolve faster. The first step is to Understand Your Patterns.

1. Understand Your Patterns

We are creatures and creators of habit. Our habitual nature stems from our need to feel safe. We instinctively want to feel safe and we want to know we are secure in every aspect of life. Sometimes our habits help us thrive and other times are habits can threaten our safety. Have you ever stopped to understand your patterns? Do you feel that you have positive patterns or negative ones? A pattern is simply something that keeps showing up in your life. It could be a relationship, a mindset, or even certain events and situations.

The importance of understanding your patterns cannot be overstated. Honestly understanding your patterns is the first key to success. When we notice and understand our patterns we gain insight into that which we are most connected to. Life’s cycles are fueled by the connection to them.

Suzanne Evans once said, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” The same thing holds true with patterns. We are all a reflection of our repetition… If you like what you see — GREAT. If you desire to change your outlook on life, then you must understand your patterns and how they are affecting you. After you gain this understanding you must begin redefining your past in order to redeem your present.

2. Redefine Your Past

Our present state is made manifest on the foundation of yesterday’s moments. Without the experiences of your past — your present would likely hold less meaning and less significance. Try not to run from your past even if you’ve had some unpleasant moments. If you are to change your present, you must redefine your past. Evolution or any change is not an instant process. Success, personally and professionally, is not some “evolve fast scheme”. The development and evolution of who you are happens in every moment of your life. Oftentimes our success can be hindered by the things (or stories) that we have been telling ourselves. Understand that your past has not been a series of failures but merely a playground in which you learned more about yourself and your relationship to the world around you.

By redefining your past and sifting through life’s choices, we have a greater appreciate for where we currently are and what it took to get here. When we reach this place of refining and redefining, we can finally acknowledge and embrace our purpose.

3. Acknowledge Your Purpose

Purpose — Calling — Gifting ….or whatever you choose to call it — the understanding is the same. Purpose is pivotal for personal growth. This is undoubtedly one of the topics I cover the most with my clients over the years. At the heart of the word ‘purpose’ are two questions — “Who Am I? And, What Am I Supposed To Do?”. I believe I can narrow this down to a singular question which is “What Is My Genius?”. In my book, “Parenting With Pieces: Using Parenting As A Catalyst For Personal Growth”, I devote an entire chapter to this very question.

Let me help provide a simple answer to this often complicated question. You are already and always in your genius — you are always in your purpose. You do not discover your purpose — you acknowledge its ever-present existence in all you have done and all you continue to be and flow into.

The meaning of life is not some commitment you made years ago but rather the understanding and realization that you have a choice. You are not doomed because of your past; neither are you defined by your present.

You have always been good at something. You have always seen life and circumstances differently from others. You have always found pain or frustration in certain situations. These are all clues that point back to one truth — Your Purpose. This is your genius. You only need to acknowledge it. Once you acknowledge your purpose, then I encourage you to appreciate YOUR people.

4. Appreciate YOUR People

One of the greatest lessons that every successful person must understand is that you are not called to serve everyone. You are not meant to provide value to everybody. The people who are attracted to you and your message will always find a way to reveal themselves and remain in your life. You are never alone. And if you feel alone, you’re likely looking at the crowd rather than the community that surrounds you.

So when are people — “your” people? Your people are those that show up in your life but also are sustained throughout your life. Honor these people. These are the ones that are in the journey and jostles of life with you. These are the ones that support you when life feels like it’s caving in.

Your community of people can help leverage you to greater heights than you can ever realize. This does not mean you seek to use your people. We all know and feel when someone has ‘ulterior motives’ (hidden reasons). When you appreciate your people, you give to them through yourself. When you give to others from the real substance of who you are…people in turn give of themselves to you. Sometimes their gift is encouragement; sometimes it is focus and other times it is financial compensation. Whatever the gift — appreciate it.

Appreciating your people is really about knowing that you are not alone. People care about you and you care about others as well. As you live in this space of gratitude you’ll discover the doors of opportunity are always open. Simply stay on the path.

5. Stay On The Path

Many of us get stuck in our desires and neglect the decisions that must take place in order for us to fulfill the dreams we have set forth in our life. Oftentimes it’s as simple as making one choice. Stay on the path. Simply put — don’t give up.

If your path is to be a parent — Stay on the path.

If your path is to be a doctor — Stay on the path.

If your path is to be a happy person — Stay on the path.

By staying on the path, you simply make a choice to honor your soul’s evolution. You honor yourself by investing in your own journey and the discovery of new possibilities. Everyone’s path is different. When you’re on your path you feel more connected…More alive….and more clear about where you’re going.

As you Understand Your Patterns, Redefine Your Past, Acknowledge Your Purpose, Appreciate Your People, and Stay On The Path, you will find that you are not just evolving faster, you are also evolving more fulfilled.

With Life’s Best,