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Oct 10 · 3 min read

Better Humans is a vast and growing collection of diverse, well-tested advice on every aspect of self-improvement. We’re one of the top ten publications on Medium.

Our goal is to bring you the world’s most trustworthy writing on human potential and self-improvement. If self-improvement were easy, there wouldn’t be entire industries built upon it. We bring you realistic advice that works.

We pay for writers who share their own in-depth experience with self-improvement and positive change. A writer for Better Humans is like a trusted friend who can share insider tips, warn you of potential pitfalls, and help you solve problems that may arise in your own journey.

Want to write for Better Humans? See everything below, and then go to the Write for Us page for details on how to submit articles.

We’re Selective About What We Publish

A writer for Better Humans must show clear personal evidence that the advice they’re giving works. We reject “book reports,” articles that someone writes after Googling how to do something and regurgitating it into a list garnished with their inexperienced opinion.

We don’t publish fluff pieces or snake oil. We look into the data that’s cited by authors claiming that “science proves,” assuming we can find that data. Sometimes we can’t. A shocking number of writers simply repeat data that’s been made up or shown to be inaccurate years ago.

We check for, and reject, plagiarism.

We Seek Diversity in Who We Publish

We recognize that to publish an article is to amplify a voice. We take responsibility for promoting diverse voices and fostering a sense of inclusion for readers.

We want to hear from authors from diverse backgrounds because thorough and complete coverage of a self-improvement topic demands that we see that topic from multiple angles. We choose articles carefully, and our goal is to promote writers from underrepresented groups.

Self-improvement literature is a very diversity-impoverished space. Most articles on muscle-building are written for men. Most articles about running are written for people who are slender or want to lose weight. Articles written about morning routines are typically for early risers. Most health articles are written from an unspoken assumption that the reader is white, cis-gendered, and able-bodied. There are a thousand other examples.

Our goal is to create a catalog of diverse self-improvement advice so that readers can find advice that works for them. Advice in any one particular article might not fit or work for everyone. We strive to be explicit about that. We seek to increase the number of articles that are written from a BIPOC and LGBTQ+ perspective.

We cover lots of approaches because people are complicated and because you will likely have to try multiple approaches before you succeed in anything that’s difficult or even worthwhile.

We’re Open-Minded but Evidence-Based

Although we publish articles that appeal to popular goals and incorporate time-tested advice, we are also iconoclastic when it comes to self-improvement.

Self-improvement isn’t a completely rational process; we find the most successful ways to change behavior involve some emotional rewiring as well. Exercises that seem hokey or metaphysical are fine when they are in the service of helping you make the change you seek. You see this in Better Humans especially because we seek out writers who have successfully made these changes themselves; their emotional work is part of that journey and might be the key to your own.

That said, we are science-loving rationalists. If a writer claims that something is true, and especially if they claim that “science shows,” you should expect to see some peer-reviewed research to back it up.

How it All Began

The Better Humans publication began as a way for Coach.me coaches to highlight their expertise.

We’re part of the Medium Members program. Paid memberships to Medium are the reason we’re able to pay writers for their work and pay editors to ensure that the articles you read on Better Humans are of high quality.

Better Humans is a collection of the world's most…


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Better Humans

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Better Humans

Better Humans is a collection of the world's most trustworthy writing on human potential and self improvement by coaches, academics, and aggressive self-experimenters. Articles are based on deep personal experience, science, and research. No fluff, book reports, or listicles.

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