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Letter sent on Feb 9, 2018

How Leaders Let Go and Focus

Knowing what not to do can be as important as the things that make it on your projects list. Here are three articles about how leaders let go of trivial matters and keep themselves and their teams focused on the real work.

Everything There is to Know About Startup Competition

Coach.me founder Tony Stubblebine: “Competitors don’t matter.” Learn why, and how you can free yourself from obsessing about what other startups are doing and get to work.

How to Ruthlessly Prioritize When It Hits the Fan

What do you do when crisis strikes and your team suddenly faces impossible demands? Resort Manager and Leadership Coach Kendra Kinnison helps you triage for the strategies that will make a difference—including some you might not think of yourself.

22 Things Busy People Should Start Outsourcing Now

If you’re not actually in crisis mode, you can still streamline your life and clear the decks for more important work. Here’s 22 things you can outsource now and reclaim your life, from Coach George Halachev.