How To Become a Vegetarian When You Love Meat

An elimination diet proved I felt better if I didn’t eat meat—but I needed a realistic plan to make long-term behavior change

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Types of Vegetarianism

Lacto vegetarian

Ovo vegetarian

Lacto-ovo vegetarian



Why I Chose To Be a Vegetarian

Identifying Potential Problems

The Steps I Took To Become Vegetarian

Step 1: I transitioned slowly

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Images of meals cooked by the author. From top left: buddha bowl; pinto bean and quinoa burger; couscous salad; stuffed aubergine; veggie lasagne; mushroom fajitas; bean chili with rice; black bean enchiladas.

Step 2: I perfected meat-free versions of my favorite dishes

Step 3: I had a list of 20+ recipes that were easy to prepare

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Screenshot of some of the author’s list of cooking videos on YouTube

Step 4: I didn’t force myself to eat food I didn’t like

The Biggest Obstacles and How I Overcame Them

Other people’s opinions

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Image by the author — Dinner party (Spanish tortilla, couscous salad, and guacamole)

Cooking mishaps

Unexpected Benefits

Weight loss

Cheaper grocery bills

My general wellbeing improved

Additional Things To Consider

Seek professional advice

Cutting out meat isn’t for everyone

Better in numbers?


Vegetarian options aren’t always healthy

Often preconceptions are our biggest hurdle

Living a Meat-Free Life

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


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