How to Get Fit & Healthy in 2016: Advice From 14 Experts

Getting fit and healthy is perhaps the New Years Resolution most people love to hate.

Most of us are all too familiar with the scenario of starting out strong but then seeing all your good intention fizzle out in a matter of weeks (or days) and returning to square one.

So, how can we avoid this outcome? How do you become one of those people who stick to their workout plan long after everyone else seem to have forgotten about their gym membership?

The brilliant health and fitness coaches from have the answers!

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What would be your number one advice for someone who wants to get fit and healthy in 2016?

“Plan for longevity. Treat your future self with compassion. What is your likely state in 20 or 30 years if you continue on your current path? You can start making better choices right now that will make all the difference. Learn how the brain functions and figure out what works for you. is a terrific tool. Small habits performed consistently, make a lasting difference. Create strong boundaries — it is easier to stick to habits (say eliminating gluten) when you do them consistently without exception and avoid negotiating with yourself.”
 — Sue Sames

“I believe there are 3 PILLARS to health and fitness… Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep! I help clients eat a Whole Food/Paleo style diet and make it a DELICIOUS lifestyle not a “diet”. I teach clients to find a workout schedule that fits into their lifestyle and helps them reach their goal. I believe a mix of cardio and strength will get anyone into shape and make them feel more energy and confidence. Sleep is the basis for all health. I help clients to figure out the hours they need and how to get the best quality of sleep using apps, bedtime routines, and nutrition.”
 — Meghan Kennihan, Train With Meghan

“Every journey starts with a small step, and the easier the step, the better. Not much time, but a gym near work? Do a short workout during lunch time. Enjoy walking? Park ten minutes’ walk away from work. No child care? Dance to a DVD or do bodyweight exercises. You can do this! A coach can help you identify that crucial first step and believe in you when you find it hard to believe in yourself.”
 — Maria Wolters, The eHealth Tech Doctor

“My number one piece of advice to Get Fit & Healthy in 2016 would be to break down the ultimate goal into smaller goals for each month. The idea of being fit and healthy can be abstract and overwhelming at first. By breaking it down into twelve smaller goals (one for each month) they build on each other and by the end of the year you’ll be a new and improved version of yourself!”
 — Aryn Baker, Aryn Baker Wellness

“Decide what fit and healthy means to you — exactly, specifically. Don’t set a New Years resolution for be fit and healthy. That’s right do not. Instead, make a decision to be fit and healthy. Just like you make a decision to reply or not to an email, or to buy something in a grocery store, make a decision to be fit and healthy. Whatever number of days a week you decide to act on this, do it upon waking. As your fit activities become a habit, you can change when you act on them to a time you like better.”
 — Patricia Weber,

“Commit to just 3 things: getting 7–8 hours of sleep a night; eating more vegetables; and getting regular exercise! For us to feel energised and happy, to be productive and creative our bodies and brains need a healthy combination of sleep, good food (and water) and exercise.”
 — Julie Harris

“My best advice for getting fit & healthy in 2016 can be summed up in three words: Eat. Real. Food. Forget bars, shakes, and diet replacements. Avoid ‘low-fat’, gluten-free &’dairy-free’ alternatives which are usually frankenfoods or highly processed. Just look at your shopping cart and make sure it’s mostly veggies with as many colors as you can find. Add some fruit, nuts & seeds. Always buy the best quality meat & fish you can and get the majority of carbs from starchy veg, roots & tubers. I promise you that this one simple tip will transform your health in 2016.”
 — Ronan McClelland

“One of the easiest and simplest ways to get fit and healthy for the new year is by building up a consistent walking habit. Walking is low impact both on your body and on your schedule, while keeping you active, no matter your level. There are so many great ways to integrate it to your existing daily routine, without it becoming a burden.”
 — Aylon Pesso, Protein And Produce

“Willpower gets a bad rap when it comes to getting fit. My greatest advice to getting and staying fit this 2016 is to create a written structured plan. Maintaining willpower is easy when you have the infrastructure in place to support your goals. Here are my top tips for for making a top-notch fitness plan.

- Understand your goal — know precisely what your goal is and how you will measure it.

- Have foresight — Have a general written plan for reaching your goal in the long-term and make a very specific plan for each week ahead.

- Engage in prospective hindsight — Look over your week as if it has happened. Identify potential stumbling blocks and make back-up plans to keep you moving along.

- Be accountable — Some people need to be accountable to others, some to themselves, others need to feel like nobody believes in them. Whatever your style, find a way to be supported to keep going when times are tough.

Put these tips into practice for a joyful and healthy 2016.”
 — Todd M. Smith, enLiven Wellness & Performance Coaching

“My number one advice would be getting enough restorative sleep, by taking into account both the quantity and quality of it. We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Sleep is as important as food.Keeping a consistent daily schedule is the key. Once you have figured out the sleep you need to be well-rested (not less than 7 hours), you must choose your waking-up time, and then, count backwards in order to know when you should be in bed. Finally, establishing a bedtime and a morning routine are also essential.”
 — Julia Antonio, A Better You Project

“Start small. Start with something little you can easily achieve. 20 squats per week? Thrice? Or doing one work out a week? It may seem little, but consistency is key. Even if you don’t feel like doing so, it’s only the 20 squats or the one 30min work out.
If you set your goals too high, chances are you demotivate yourself. Always reach your weekly goal — but if you feel like it (and I encourage you to do so) do more! Your body will thank you for doing that 52+ times in 2016!”
 — Serey Mao,

“The biggest problem that prevents people from getting fit and healthy is that they know what to do in general (eat better, exercise more), but not what to do specifically. This leads to frustration when they don’t get results. The single best thing you can do to get fit and healthy in 2016 is to find a coach that can show you exactly what to do. Not only will they be able to guide you to a diet and exercise plan made for you, but they will also hold you accountable and keep you on your path to results!”
 — Greg Freebury, Freebury’s QS60

“The best way to get more fit is to simply START exercising. One exercise, with some warm up stretches, is all you need to get started. Right now, do some light stretching, pick ONE exercise (jumping jacks, crunches, push-ups, etc.) and repeat the exercise until you can’t do it anymore. That’s it! You’ve started exercising. Tomorrow, pick a different exercise. Continue this each day.
You don’t need a gym membership. You don’t need special shoes. All you need is yourself and a few minutes. Making changes in your life are hard and so we want them to be as EASY as possible. And everybody is at a different physical level. So it’s important to work with where you are at. Start small and build up from there.
I’ve created a simple workout plan based on this premise to get myself in shape as well as many of m clients. If you want a more thorough guide to exercising in a simple way that works with your limitations, check out the plan here — Happy Holidays!”
 — Rob Kovacs, Rob Kovacs Music

“My number one tip for getting fit and healthy, is to make small sustainable changes, build on momentum and ultimately, eat real food, move your body, play and sleep.”
 — Dena Loijos

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