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Letter sent on Jun 4, 2018

How to Succeed at Difficult Conversations

Level-up your interpersonal skills and reduce stress in your relationships

Communication in difficult situations can be a test of all your skills. Here are three articles with practical advice on improving your skills so you can rise to the challenge.

How to Say No to Requests (Without Damaging Your Relationships)

The Art of No: How to Accomplish More by Doing Less

As an entrepreneur or executive, it can often feel like half your day is spent fielding endless requests for your time; and not all of them good. As a founder or CEO, time is your most valuable — and scarcest — asset. And that’s why learning how to say no at work is one of the most important — and most underutilized — leadership skills. Read more.

Techniques to Disarm, Cope With and Become More Confident Confronting Passive Aggressive People

Protect your calm and build the emotional immunity needed to deal with difficult people.

Learning to short circuit unproductive relationship cycles can save you from unending power struggles that leave you feeling miserable. Here’s how you can protect yourself from negative effects of passive aggressive behavior and do your part to stop the spread of incivility. Read more.

How To Be Your Own Mediator

Mediation is not just a skill to be used when setting a legal conflict, it can also be used to settle issues before they get to an escalation point of no return. Doing this takes some practice and preparation but yields results that are worth the time. Read more.