Mental Fortitude- Unshakable Resolve

Original Photo by: @ ethandeabreu->insta

We are the summation of what we think we are.

Clouds of uncertainty loom overhead, and doubt takes shelter in the corners of your mind. There is so much to do, but so little time. It would be so much easier to just go to bed, and shut your mind off from the world.

We all crave an escape from the burdens of the world, but we are running in the wrong direction. If you keep running away, in time, you will just be lost and exhausted.

Mental fortitude is when you smile in the face of adversity. When you feel the urge to run, stop yourself, then firmly plant your feet in the ground. Stare your challenger in the eyes, and say, “I refuse to lose.” When you achieve mastery over your mind, you will start seeing solutions and opportunities, instead of problems.

Strength is a choice

I started crafting fortifications for my mind through meditation. I close my eyes, and allow my mind to drift somewhere far off. The mental landscape of my mind takes me to the summit of a mountain. While there, I can sit alone with my thoughts, and truly face myself.

The worst lies we tell, are the ones we tell ourselves

I close my eyes and feel the icy chill of the air fill my lungs. I can feel the gentle kiss of the melting snow as it reaches the heat of my body. With each breath, I fall deeper into the heart of all things. I ask myself the hardest question in the world . . . “why?

The first step to facing your problems is to ask yourself, why it is a problem in the first place. Then analyze the way it makes you feel: angry, anxious, sad, etc. You must get to the root of your emotion, truly understand yourself, and your feelings. Once you reach the core of any emotion you can sift through the layers of excuses and qualifications, and see the truth of the matter. Once you understand the truth of your emotions, you will be able to form your resolve.

When I imagine my resolve, I see a wisp of blue flame burning in the center of my chest. The flame flickers with each heart beat, and takes root in my soul. My resolve does not allow me to drown in self-pity it firmly commands me to save myself. Despite whatever downpour of hardship comes my way, I will not be extinguished, I will endure.

We spend too much of our lives waiting for someone to give us the power to save ourselves, but that is foolish. That strength has always been inside of us, we simply needed the courage to ask it of ourselves.

Life is full of hardships, short comings, and heart aches; however, we already have all the strength we need to combat it, and grow from it.

Above all other things, be resolved to believe in yourself, you are limitless.