Stop the duckface!

Following Wikipedia — “ It may be done to act both self-deprecating and sexy. It may express sympathy, attractiveness, and friendliness.”… Really?

Please send this article to each and every duck in the internet. They should know. IT IS UGLY AND STUPID. Sometimes you can’t even guess how the person looks like because on all of her 635 Facebook photos she has this stupid expression. Come on! I would love to see the photo in her ID or driver’s license. Or CV…

My mom told me “don’t do stupid faces because it will stay like that forever”. But I’m older than most of these ducks. Are they parents following this new stress-less parenting trend? Like you know, don’t tell your kid that this ugly face looks really ugly? (by the way, some of these parents are really misunderstanding what stress-less parenting means, but this is completely different topic).

So… Dear duck, this is my message to you: Next time you find yourself doing duckface just slap yourself really hard and wait for 15–30 minutes (you don’t want this huge red blemish on a photo… as you don’t want the duckface).

If you want to look good on your next photo, whether it is a selfie or a picture taken by another human being, follow these 5 easy steps and you should be good to go.