The Great Morning Habits to Save Your Life

A Morning Ritual Explained (including Concrete Habits Examples)

My current morning ritual looks like this:

I wake up around 5 am.
I open my eyes and start repeating my personal mission statement in my mind.
I do a quick intensive workout and pray simultaneously. 
I drink a glass of cold water.
I look at my vision board for a few minutes.
I read about dozen quotes from my philosophy manifesto.
I read fragments from three books which shaped my philosophy (about a paragraph each).
I journal for about 10–15 minutes.
I pray in silence for five minutes.
I brush my teeth and pray at the same time.

What Makes This Ritual (and Habits) Great?

It is in accordance with Hal Elrod’s SAVERS routine from his book “The Miracle Morning.” He was kind enough to not only create a killer routine, but he shared it with his coaching clients, improved and wrote the whole book about the topic.

However, I didn’t created my routine because I read the book and implemented his advice. I created my morning ritual long before Hal published the book in January 2016.

Two Paths, One Goal: Personal Growth

I created my morning ritual following a guidance of successful people. I wanted to progress with my life and I collected various bits and pieces from books, interviews and audio programs.

I find it fascinating that we ended up with very similar routine arriving at the same point via different paths. I credit it to the fact that we both wanted a routine that will both bring desired results and help us grow as a whole person, not by focusing on one single aspect of life, but encompassing them all

So, SAVERS stands for:

  • Silence — instead of rushing into your days, you stop and sit calm and still. You are present in the moment, not thinking about tasks ahead of you or the troubling past.

Habits: prayer, meditation, cultivating gratitude, journaling

  • Affirmations — you read/ repeat some affirmations that remind you about your potential and your dreams. 
    Personally, I’m very skeptical about the effectiveness of affirmations. I think it’s nonsense to say aloud something which is not true and make you longing for a better future, instead of focus on here and now. But two of my habits (reading quotes and repeating personal mission statement) have the exact same goal as affirmations that Hal prescribes.

Habits: reading quotes, reading affirmations, repeating quotes/ affirmations aloud, reading/ repeating your personal mission statement.

  • Visualization — Hal advise to visualize how will you fill when you reach your goals/ dreams or how your perfect day may unfold. 
    If I am highly skeptical about affirmations, I’m totally incapable of visualizations. So many successful people recommend this activity, but it’s a hard work to me. Yet, according to their advice, I still inserted looking at a vision board into my routine.

Habits: looking at a vision board, dreaming/ visualization in your mind, watching a mind movie

  • Exercise — for getting energized and waking yourself up. It also serves to increase your ability to be alert and focused.

Habits: pushups, pullups and other kinds of bodyweight exercises; jogging, running, swimming, cycling, etc.

  • Reading — Hal recommends personal development lecture for education and inspiration.

Habits: reading of course; books, not blogs or magazines

  • Scribing — according to “The Miracle Morning” formula this includes writing what you are grateful for and what results you are committed to create this day. The aim of it is to put yourself in an empowered, inspired, and confident state of mind.

Habits: keeping a gratitude journal or diary, writing down your daily priorities