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Letter sent on Feb 2, 2018

Three Articles on Handling the Public Spotlight with Confidence

Better Humans authors show you how to pitch presentations, seize the limelight, and then handle the atrocious trolls attracted by your new-found fame.

How to Dramatically Improve your Public Speaking Skills

Jason Shen shares what he learned from the TED residency program.

The ability to make a public presentation at a conference or meeting is a critical skill for anyone who wants to have an impact on the world. It’s why people pay a premium to attend conferences and see experts and leaders speak live, and why Americans took 460 million business trips in 2017 to communicate in person. Learn how to make it count.

How to Seize Attention with the Secrets of a Sideshow Barker

Hernan Cruz gives you some trade secrets for adding fire to your pitch for emotional impact.

Insiders know them as “talkers”, and their message is carefully honed to hit all the right notes—and ultimately sell tickets. Learn secrets for getting your message across with emotional impact and ushering people into your own tent with these tips from a professional talker and performer.

The Complete Guide to Understanding and Dealing With Online Trolls

Sometimes fame comes at a terrible cost. Ragen Chastain gives you tactics for understanding dealing with online harassment.

Online harassment is a much bigger problem than bearing the brunt of verbal abuse—can be a threat to your career and your even your very life. No one should have to deal with trolls, but if you’re successful and online, there’s a good chance you’ll have to. Ragen Chastain shares what she’s learned about dealing with high-stakes harassment.