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Letter sent on Feb 12

Three Open-Hearted Guides to Making Love Connections

How to Improve Your Communication Skills and Make Your Relationships Glow

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Even if Sweethearts candies were available, chances are good that you want to express something deeper than “Be mine” or “Kiss me”.

  • Want to provoke a delicious surge of brain chemistry, and perhaps touch the human heart?
  • Are you looking for ways to take a chance and start a connection in a more enlightened manner?
  • Or perhaps you’re looking to boost the intimacy in an existing relationship by working on your deep communication skills…and maybe even explore non-monogamy.

Read on for all of that and more — we’ve got you covered. You can do it all and become a Better (loving) Human in the process.

How to Win People Over with Babies, Lovers, Earth, and Dogs

What I Learned About the Science of Preciousness, First in the Movie Business and Then on Facebook

As a Hollywood studio chief, most notably at Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Studios, I have dealt with the study of the human heart most of my adult life. In part, the fate of the studios rested on that understanding. If our movies could not find their way into people’s hearts, we did not make money, and we couldn’t continue to produce movies. Read more.

How to Use Reciprocity to Start Meaningful Conversations with Strangers

I was always the odd one out in large groups, and I would never, ever be the one to start a conversation. I tried to be cool and stand out by saying clever things. But my conversations were typically empty, and would eventually die with an awkward silence.

It wasn’t until I moved abroad and started traveling that things started shifting. As I was on the move, on my own, and no longer seeing my old friends every day, I had to choose between a) talking to strangers or b) feeling lonely all the time. Eventually, I chose to talk to strangers.

Talking to strangers meant that every conversation was a new one, and I found myself wanting to skip the small talk — to shortcut to a meaningful, quality human connection.

This is how I began exploring the principle of reciprocity as a conversation tactic, and I have since been fascinated by its potential. Read more.

How to Master Communication in Open, Polyamorous and Other Relationships

A guide for monogamous and non-monogamous people who want more closeness, less drama, and overall amazing relationships

Have you ever been curious about opening up your relationship, but never gathered the courage to try it out — or even to mention it to your partner?

Or perhaps you have tried it, only to see it fall to the ground due to overwhelming jealousy?

From my experience as a relationship coach and as a long term polyamorous person, I’ve learned that the only way to achieve deep happiness in open relationships is by developing communication skills. Truly, deeply, passionately dedicating time and effort to learn how to be better at communication — in ways that I had never imagined to be possible before.

There are some specific tools that I have encountered or created throughout my journey that I find particularly useful, and that’s what I want to share with you in this article.

Though written with the additional complexities of open relationships in mind, all of the information here can be applied to any relationship model, and I invite all monogamous people out there to read it and try some of the suggestions, too. Read more.