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Letter sent on Feb 4

Three Ways to Improve Your Confidence (and Your Results)

How to overcome the anxiety that sometimes comes with putting yourself out there

It’s amazing how much of our success seems to be dependent on our willingness to put ourselves in front of people — to be seen. Sometimes that with just one person. Sometimes it’s with an audience of thousands.

Whether you’re trying run your own business, or publish a book, or get a date, the key is the same: you’ve got to connect.

And to connect, you’ve got to overcome fears of being in the spotlight. You’ll feel better if you’re prepared to handle the occasional unpleasant person. And you’ve got to get over your resistance to taking the first step towards making a connection in the first place.

Today, three reads to make you more confident stepping into the spotlight, large or small.

How to Manage Your Fear of Public Speaking

You’re nervous and anxious about public speaking. Now what?

Public speaking often has personal and professional benefits, and it’s required in many jobs. What do you do if the very thought of it sparks dread? The bad news here is that the fear is not just in your head; it’s a real physical experience. The good news is that you can learn to tackle it, and the steps to doing so are not hard to follow. Read more.

Techniques to Disarm, Cope With and Become More Confident Confronting Passive Aggressive People

Protect your calm and build the emotional immunity needed to deal with difficult people.

No workplace is perfect, but it’s difficult to perform and feel your best when there’s dysfunction all around you. Condescending comments, put-downs and sarcasm — all hallmarks of passive-aggressive behavior — contribute to an environment of incivility. But you can put a stop to it. Read more.

The Completely Audacious Guide to Breaking the Ice

Use this set of easy no-fail conversation starters to build relationships with new friends and colleagues, anywhere, in any situation

Growing up, I had a severe speech impediment. I had an especially hard time with words that began with the letter “m”. My name is Michael. As you might imagine, I was terrified of meeting new people.

You might not have grown up stuttering. Still, like me, you might struggle to find the right words. The following guide gives you specific conversation starters that I’ve found successful. Use them to quickly build more successful relationships with everyone you meet. Read more.