“Twins” an instant shift on the way we look at the world

This actually came to me while meditating. It had only been 5 minutes into it yet I had to stop and write what was coming through my head. Below is exactly what I wrote;

When twins are born, externally they seem identical and difficult to tell apart. As they grow older they retain that similarity yet it is the inside that rapidly alters. Their experiences, ideas, memories, and perspectives are very different. Yet looking at them and you would never know the difference. Can’t we say the same thing about us?

Sure we may look different but aren’t we all here for the same purpose? Aren’t we all here to feel accepted and well? Yet in our minds holds such an idea of separation. We have many labels to reinforce this. We use race,gender,age,weight, and the list goes on and on. We should look at our world as the identical twins we are. See everyone as our brother and sister as we share a common goal on this place we call home.

Love and Light