WIP: Return of the Release Note

Coach.me used to put out an iPhone release every two weeks and for each release I’d write an unbearably long essay describing the theory behind the changes in that release. I miss doing that now that most of our changes are happening outside of the iPhone app.


The release note is returning (at least for today) and I’m calling it Work in Progress (WIP).

Right now we have a lot of WIP. It’s kind of a mess from a messaging standpoint. We have three big releases all happening at basically the same time. And since I’m a stickler for “Release, release, release!” (that phrase will probably be what’s written on my tombstone), we’re going forward with all of them at once.

Launch #1: VIP

This started two weeks ago. I brought back a private coaching group for people that like my specific philosophy of self-improvement.

Let me describe that philosophy.

  • It’s based on a pragmatic experience of learning from what people have tried and succeeded with on Coach.me. Science is a prompt — but you should lean toward applied lessons. I’ll share lessons from more than 50 million attempts at change.
  • N of 1. This is some science-y term that means you’re going to need to experiment on yourself. It refers to the size of an experiment. Most people would call an experiment with an N of 1 (i.e. just one participant) an anecdote. But if you’re the 1, then you’re going to call the experiment a huge success. So, I like to give people some breadth of options. I’m probably the most unique in that way since everyone else is making their living from promoting “The one true way.”
  • Momentum. Theoretical success is boring — you deserve the real thing. To do that you need to start somewhere and build up momentum. All of Coach.me is built toward this. Habits are the starting point, obviously.
  • Full-monty psychology. A change is hard — there’s a lot of behavior design psychology built in to the group that hits at the positive reinforcement level, the identity level, the skill level and more.
  • Performance. How do you get more done, be more successful, have a bigger impact on the world? This isn’t a good coaching group to be in if you want to be happier (a worthy goal — but not my specialty).

The group spends four weeks on a topic.

Join right now and you’ll be starting on Week #3 of using personality testing to get ahead on your own goals and in your own relationships. Use the code VIPJUNE to get the first week free.

Next up, we have a coaching module on single tasking. So, before you keep reading, I’d really like to encourage you to join the VIP group. I love the coaching that way and if you give it a few weeks, I’m positive you’ll see big changes in your life.

Launch #2: Coaching Membership

We’ve had 8,500 coaches join our platform and until recently we’ve been optimized for the much smaller handful who wanted to be part of our coaching programs: habit & leadership.

This week we’re switching over to a membership program that will work better for all coaches. The highlights are a platform for handling almost all forms of coaching products and tons of marketing support.

A coach should be an expert in humanity. We want to handle the logistical details of having a great website, managing billing and subscriptions, and building tools to make your coaching more scalable.

A coach also is a one person business. This is usually the hardest part of being a coach and we think we have marketing tools to make it easier and much, much more successful.

We had a whole heated philosophical debate before launching this program. There were two concerns. Basically, most of the money in coaching is currently made by people preying on other coaches. We tried exceptionally hard to have fair and affordable pricing. Where most entries into coaching start at $5,000, ours starts at $99.

The second concern was just about mission. Our mission is to make a difference in human potential.

There’s a phrase I’ve been telling myself but haven’t even shared with anyone on the Coach.me team, “The customer is the client, even when the customer is the coach.”

I mean that serving coaches is a way to change lives and we shouldn’t forget that even when coaches are offering us money. Best example would be coaches paying to be featured — that would go against serving the best interests of the client.

Launch #3: A freakin’ book

In the middle of all this, we wrote a business book.

Per our normal product development ways, we wrote a draft, started using it, put it on Amazon, and then ended up changing the title. That last bit triggered an ISBN change.

So now, we’re launching the FINAL version of Meeting Mastery. This is an important primer for all managers.

I use the meeting and facilitation tactics in this book to overcome all of my other management deficiencies. And if you think you’re good at management then you’re kidding yourself. Working with people is an impossible task that you can only hope to do better than you used to.

The book is live on Amazon and is a core part of our first business certification, also called Meeting Mastery.

So, if you want hands on management training from an expert business coach, sign up here.

And if you want to buy and read our book before we officially announce it, buy it here from Amazon.

There’s so much in the above that I can hardly tie it together. As simply as I can, we’re working on coaching as a new, dominant form of education.

We can bring the cost of coaching down to be price competitive to whatever you use to improve yourself now, i.e. books, videos, classes.

The magic of having a coach though is that the improvements you make in your life will be 100x greater. If you want to do a back-of-the-envelope check of that claim start by listing all the books you bought but never opened.

A coach is guaranteed change. That’s why I’m excited.

The above launches have two parts about demonstrating new, scalable ways to coach and one part about getting more coaches online.