Progressing through these paces from slowest to fastest is an effective way of learning to run as a beginner

Berlin Marathon medal with the ribbon, depicting the colors of the German flag, sitting across the top of the Berlin Marathon Finisher’s Certificate
Berlin Marathon medal with the ribbon, depicting the colors of the German flag, sitting across the top of the Berlin Marathon Finisher’s Certificate
Berlin Marathon 1897 medal and certificate. Image by Sean McBride

Everything below the waist was hurting and virtually immobile. Head down, I shuffled forward. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time. My mind was dulled with exhaustion and pain and my thoughts barely extended beyond the basic act of taking my next step.

What I learned about the “Change Curve” while climbing mountains in the Andes pays dividends in every area of my life

Photo of the author atop a rocky peak.
Photo of the author atop a rocky peak.
Photo by Melanie Shudofsky — Climbing the Eiger

“Change is the only constant.” — Heraclitus (Greek philosopher)

When I look at my own experiences, I can only confirm Heraclitus’ observation.

These are the habits that keep me cool in the heat of constant deadlines

A clear hourglass with red sand.
A clear hourglass with red sand.
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Deadlines can be a major stressor in our lives — whether it’s a school assignment, a project at work, or a bill to pay, we have never-ending to-do lists with ever-tightening deadlines.

I had to learn tactics to cope with uncertainty, instead of being constantly triggered into “fight or flight” mode

Person doing a one-handed handstand.
Person doing a one-handed handstand.
Photo by Blake Weyland on Unsplash

Growing up, I was probably the “most confident person” in my cohort. I aced everything, won awards, got articles published… I thought there was nothing I couldn’t achieve.

Understanding Humans

The biological purpose of the conscious mind

Illustration of an eye.
Illustration of an eye.
Image by JL G from Pixabay

Among the tall brown grasses of late summer, in the long pink light of a fading sun, my friend said, “I finally saw your TEDx talk. I want to tell you that it’s bullshit. You know me, I got to be truthful.”

The Sensitive Striver

Reflection is an important leadership skill—but the danger is that it can tip over into self-destructive rumination

People in a meeting
People in a meeting
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

How do I stop second-guessing myself?

This week, we covered everything from the joy of small adventures in your neighborhood to the triumph of big achievements like doing 1,000 pushups in a single day. Here’s your anti-algorithmic (hand-crafted!) list of everything from Better Humans over the past seven days.

How To Handle a Toxic Manager, With Chris Sowers 🎧

You might not be able…

Being coached has helped me in ways that I expected—and in ways I had never considered before

Two females talking
Two females talking
Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash

Working with a professional coach is a great way to face the daunting task of personal growth and evolution. As adults, we face innumerable challenges in finding the necessary coherence between our emotional and rational selves.

  • In the face of these challenges, how can we go about training ourselves to handle and learn from them?
  • Practice is important, but…

Better Humans Podcast

Leveraging curiosity and tiny habits to achieve big goals

Female doing push-ups.
Female doing push-ups.
Image credit: Sanja Radin.

“I believe that you have to have a minimum and you have to have a maximum that you’re going to do per day. Otherwise you’ll burnout. And I think that’s true for something like this.”

When it comes to big challenges, Kori D. Miller is an unstoppable force. Yet, her approach isn’t forceful. Rather, it’s inspired by boredom, fed by curiosity, and sustained with purpose and process.

Image credit: netrun78.

What sleep habits do you have down, and which are problematic for you? You might be surprised! Take our free Sleep Habits Assessment here—it only takes a couple of minutes. You can go take it now and come back before reading on if you like.

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