How to Rock Your Weekend, Refresh Your Soul and Be Better at Work on Monday

The weekend.

Few things get people as excited as the prospect of being done with work on Friday afternoon.

That’s understandable. If we go hard all week, we need some down time. We definitely earned it.

One of the great things about the weekend is that it’s fleeting. It comes and goes. Before we get too used to it, it’s over. Perfect.

Another great part of the weekend is its sense of release. That’s an important point.

The weekend puts space between our business/career obligations and the rest of our life. It allows us time to be unbound by the rules of our work. The weekend is time to let go, to do something different. It’s time to not work and appreciate the things we work for. It also helps us to appreciate the work itself.

If we take a break from it.

We work and are accessible for work around the clock. That leads to burnout and resentment. That’s not the way to a better life.

The weekend is a time for relaxing, refreshing and recharging. Let’s dig deeper into those ideas…


The workweek is prime-time for going hard and getting it done. That’s important and we need that, but we can’t and shouldn’t go hard all the time. Sometimes we need to just kick back and go a bit softer for a while. That will mean different things to different people. Whether it’s a multi-hour Netflix binge, a round of golf, a couple beers in the backyard…whatever it is that defines rest and relaxation for you, do it. It’s the weekend. Do a lot of it.

This kind of deep relaxing is necessary to our body, mind and soul and it will make us happier, more fulfilled and more productive. Relaxing after working is part of striking balance in life, balance that is essential to a happy life. It’s similar to call-and-response or tension-and-resolution. Work-and-relax. For ever action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For some of us, relaxing is hard because we won’t turn our off mobile device, our mind or our ambition.

We must turn off, even if it’s just brief. Let’s start with our devices. Our minds can be harder to calm and keep under control but our phones are one button away from being powered down. Do so every weekend, whether it’s just for a few minutes are all day. It’s liberating.

Next, as mentioned above, do something you truly enjoy. Movies, wine, a good book or whatever it is that you love to do that’s not work. Even if you love your work, and hopefully you do, that’s now how we’re meant to relax.

Seek and find some relaxation time every weekend. Maybe it’s a couple hours, maybe Saturday afternoon, maybe it’s all weekend…regardless, make it yours, make it relaxing and most importantly, make it happen.


This is a central component for a reason — it’s so important.

When we speak of refreshing, we mean wiping away the mental dust that settles on our minds and our souls over the course of the work-week. It means trading in your old, bitter eyes for a fresh new pair that see the potential and beauty in the world.

See why time away from work is important? Without it, you never refresh — you just become more jaded and bitter with each passing week. That’s no way to work and no way to live.

To refresh, we need time and distance for our work, from our main obligation. We need to see it from afar where we can appreciate it and remember what’s great about it. You’ve heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder — well, it’s not just for lovers separated by miles. It’s for you and me to get some absence from our work, to get some space from it. In that space, we’re able to more easily reflect on it and even appreciate it.

How do you refresh? Similar to how you relax — in a way that works for you. That could mean going for a hike, meditating, kayaking, visiting a favorite destination, calling/messaging and old friend or family member or any other of the many things we do for enjoyment. It should be something you love, it should be outside and, if possible, it should have some physical elements to it where your body is doing something.


This is the one we’re usually worst at. We can relax no problem and we all enjoy refreshing ourselves but recharging never seems to happen. It’s time for that to change.

A recharged mind and spirit will handle work-related tasks with vigor and appreciation, will see the dynamic aspect of life and work and will be able to understand the bigger picture. When we’re recharged we observe things more clearly, understand inter-related pieces more easily and live our life more spontaneously. It’s as if our soul has awoken and caught fire. That’s what we’re looking for.

But how exactly does this happen?

You have to tap into something bigger than self. We have to go beyond self and remember that we are but a tiny piece of the very large picture. We must realize that we are in and of the universe, not simply sitting in the middle of it all, no matter how much it seems like it sometimes. That center-of-the-universe mindset is OK, but we must have some time when we acknowledge, understand or appreciate that there is something larger than us, something that transcends our individual lives.

What comes with that is an enhanced, more enlightened perspective. Appreciation and gratitude are also on board for the ride because at this point we realize that we and everyone and everything we love are temporary. When we honor that, we are grateful for every second, living with happiness and we make the most of our lives.

The relax-refresh-recharge formula will make our weekend and our work-week better. It will make us more grateful, more excited and more connected with the people and the things in your life.

Now, go relax!