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Influencers generate sales.

Regardless of how you feel about them, of your personal opinions about the Kardashians — they just do.

In the modern age of social media, one influencer endorsement has the potential to skyrocket a brand overnight — tapping into massive audiences of engaged, trusting, and responsive followers.

You know David Ogilvy.

And if you are from the marketing industry, I am sure you’ve heard of his Confessions Of An Advertising Man. If not, here’s a little information and my review of the book.

In his book, Ogilvy mentions that he’s baffled by other Copywriters’ decision to put…

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I’ve been a professional content creator for 3 years now, so I’ve been down this twisty, winding road of unpredictability many a time. It’s definitely not a career path that could be considered a walk in the park.

This last year is a perfect example of that fact.

This time…

A corporate networking event with a speaker on stage.
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I hated networking events when I first started working.

I had to mingle with people my seniors knew, and I did not. I had to pretend I was interested in their conversations. I thought it was a name card depletion exercise. Needless to say, I gave without collecting any.


Better Marketing

A publication by and for marketers.

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