5 Quick Optimizations to Ensure Your Ads Stay Relevant

Leaning on Daniel Kahneman’s cognitive insight for more conversions

Roman Petrochenkov
Jan 16 · 4 min read
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When you do online advertising, everything matters, from your style to every picture caption you write. But some things are much more critical than others. A few shortcuts can significantly improve your efficiency in no time. One of the most essential is relevancy.

Make your advertising cross-relevant in all contact points, and you will at least double your conversion rate. In some cases, the conversion rate can go up 10 to 20 times just by adjusting the headline to a relevant phrase.

Improve your marketing, Instagram, and website relevancy today and win your audience. Here’s why and how.

People Are in a Constant Hurry

Life in 2020 is quite a tricky thing. I barely have time to call my grandparents once in a while. I barely have time to do anything in my life as well. And most people around me have the same trouble.

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Source: statistica

The biggest hurry and speed hunger we have is in the online world. We use immediate messengers to talk to lots of friends at the same time. We scroll kilometres of Facebook feed to satisfy our hunger for news. We “eat” gigabytes of information every day. And we’ve learnt to do it fast.

Today we absorb the content around us in no time.

That’s why, when you do any advertising, you fight for microseconds of my attention. If anything, literally anything, is not clear for me from the first glance, there is a high chance for me to bounce in less than a second. And there is a low chance I would ever return to you.

So, don’t make me think.

There is even a book with the same name by Steve Krug. I find it the bible of online advertising. If you want to see more examples, you can read it in less than two hours on Amazon.

Daniel Kahneman Got a Nobel Prize for This. Use His Wisdom

Daniel Kahneman is a Princeton University psychologist. He reinvented the whole definition of today’s economy by providing a new concept of how humans make decisions (source). Along with it, he also described a straightforward and beautiful idea of how we consume information.

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One of the most advanced books about how we make decisions. Here is it on Amazon.

Daniel Kahneman proved that there is a slow brain and fast brain. One takes care of all quick decisions, emotions, and immediate reactions. And it is fast. Really fast. Another takes care of actual thinking, comprehension, and logic. This is the reason we usually stop doing something stupid. But it is very slow.

To win the audience, your advertising should be simple and easy to understand so that the fast brain can decide before the slow part picks it up. One of the ways to do it is to make all your texts and pictures cross-relevant.

Five Main Takeaways

When I write about relevancy, I mean any connection between any of your platforms or pages. The bits of advice below would be necessary for any situation when a customer makes an action:

  • From Search Campaign to your web site
  • From Instagram stories to your Instagram shop account
  • From email to the web site, webinar, or app

Each time a user clicks and moves forward through your funnel, the upcoming step should be as smooth as possible.

  1. Make sure all your calls to actions are the same. If you say “Buy a book” on Instagram and send traffic to your webpage, the page should have the same words. Having “Order now” and “Buy now” one after another would lower your conversion rate.
  2. Make sure you send people to the right page. If somebody is looking for a new kitchen table, don’t send them to the tables category or search page. Show them the collection of kitchen tables only.
  3. If you use a background picture for your display campaign or Instagram stories to promote your product, use the same image on a landing page. This will subconsciously deliver the right message to your customers.
  4. Use the same word order if possible. If you do search engine campaigns, try to have exactly the same word order in the landing page headline as you have in your ad copy—same in the email marketing or Facebook posts.
  5. Make sure your information matches everywhere. Having different information in different places confuses customers. If you have 476 projects done, let it be 476 on your Instagram, website, email, and everywhere else. Every price, number, or fact should be the same on every step of the funnel.

Only when all steps of the funnel are relevant and smooth, the customer journey is comfortable.

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Roman Petrochenkov

Written by

Internet Marketing Expert. I love Marketing Analytics, Automation & Reporting. Have a question? Write me -> http://bit.ly/2ClLhZY

Better Marketing

Marketing advice and case studies to help you market ethically, authentically, and effectively.

Roman Petrochenkov

Written by

Internet Marketing Expert. I love Marketing Analytics, Automation & Reporting. Have a question? Write me -> http://bit.ly/2ClLhZY

Better Marketing

Marketing advice and case studies to help you market ethically, authentically, and effectively.

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