7 Astonishing Print Ads by WWF

Look, be astonished, learn — print marketing isn’t dead

WWF, print ad campaign

When we were learning about print advertisements in a boring university class, I headed out. No joking, seriously. I stood up and simply walked away. I was convinced for a long time that print ads are both a waste of money and resources.

How wrong I was! Traditional print marketing on billboards might be very costly, thus, it is usually a better option for bigger corporations with a sufficient budget for marketing. But if it’s done well, it could move mountains.

WWF seems to get the idea of effective print ad campaigns. Their posters are attention-grabbing, aesthetic, and thought-provoking. It would be hard to simply walk-by without noticing them…

1. Stop Climate Change Before It Changes You

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WWF, campaign for a living planet

If WWF only made a couple of people deep dive into the topic of climate change, they already won.

This advertisement was shared everywhere in the streets of crowded cities in 2008, and it quickly became one of the most successful advertising campaigns of the non-profit organization. The billboards aimed to reach as many people as possible, from all areas of our society. You might have seen it as well.

The campaign clearly illustrates the issue of climate change, in a witty but slightly morbid way. If we won’t come up with ideas to solve the issue quickly enough, we will be forced to adapt, and maybe, in a couple of thousands of years, nature will even help us.

2. Tarzan Cannot Liana-Swing Anymore

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WWF, a campaign against deforestation

The literally burning issue of deforestation does not only affect animals, but also humans who live in the rainforests.

This poster perfectly depicts that forests are finite. Humans won’t be able to exploit nature forever, one day we will run out of natural resources. Using Tarzan as the key figure of the ad is hilarious and absurd at the same time, which in my case, makes this poster unforgettable.

3. We Endanger The Future With One Shot

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WWF, a campaign against mass extinction

The scary thing today is, that we don’t know which further, maybe even tiny, step will have irreversible consequences. I know it’s not pleasant, but thinking about mass extinction might make you second guess your consumption choices.

Unfortunately, this issue is already knocking on the front door.

4. Desertification Destroys 6,000 Species Every Day

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WWF, a campaign against desertification

Every information needed is included in one single picture: desertification destroys lives every day. Period. Creative marketing solutions like this one, perfectly serve their purpose. They are raising awareness. This kind of content usually has mindblowing visuals, awakens emotions, and will also make you think about the message for a while.

5. Would You Care More If I Was A Panda

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WWF, a campaign for biodiversity

Saving only the cute animals, and sharing content about them is, unfortunately, a big hype nowadays. Clear, a cute panda sells way better than tuna fish.

6. Horrifying — More Horrifying

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WWF, for a living planet

This print ad is my personal favorite because although it gives me an unpleasant, perturbing feeling, it also makes me think. What will happen with us, humans, if several wild animals go extinct? Indeed, “Exploiting the ecosystem also threatens human lives.”

7. Our Pollution Problem

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WWF, a campaign against water pollution

As sad as it is, but the picture depicts what we’re literally doing. Maybe next time, when you’ll pour the dirty cooking oil in the toilet, you’ll have a sort of pangs of conscience. Maybe you’ll even look for possibilities where to dispose of the oil. I don’t know about you, but the advertisement clearly made an impact on me.

Even though billboards are for the bigger players, it might be useful to take a look at some of their ad approaches. As their posters are insanely creative, attention-grabbing, and alluring, they can serve as a big source of inspiration for all of us.

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